25+ Best Appsumo Lifetime Deals 2022 You Don’t Want to Miss Out On : 98% OFF (Lifetime Deals)

Are you wondering what the best Appsumo deals in 2022? 

In this post, I am going to share the top 30 best Appsumo Deals in June 2022.

You can find the best deals on WordPress Plugins, SEO, and Email marketing. You can also find the best deals on productivity, analytics, CRM and Productivity.

Every month Appsumo launch very useful tools for a digital marketer, startup owner and entrepreneur. This month Appsumo launch some amazing deals that you can’t find anywhere such as Texta.ai, NeuronWriter, Linguix and cheat Layer.

Before we jump into Appsumo deals, You should know what is Appsumo?

AppSumo is a membership platform that offers new and unique products each week. Through AppSumo, you have access to the best software, courses, creative assets, eBooks and PDFs, templates and services on the web at a fraction of their normal price.

AppSumo helps you save time and money with simple, easy-to-find deals on valuable software, courses, creative assets and eBooks. 

AppSumo’s Spotlight deals are limited-time offers that act like spotlights shining down on products you need to have.

Appsumo offers you lifetime Deals Which means you just pay once and access the deals for a lifetime month by the monthly subscription model. 

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AppSumo Lifetime Deals – Our Favorite Picks

Deal Name
Category/Deal Type
Lifetime Price
Deal Link
Linguixfix writing mistakes$69Cheek Deal
Texta.aiArticle Writer$49Cheek Deal
NeuronWriterSEO$59Cheek Deal
Cheat Layerautomations$99Cheek Deal
Rumble Studioproduce podcasts$59Cheek Deal
UteachOnline Learning $59Cheek Deal
WritecreamAI Content writing $59Cheek Deal
TidyCalScheduling App$29Cheek Deal
KingSumoLead Generation $59Cheek Deal
IngimagePremium Images $69Cheek Deal
WordHeroAI Content Writer$89Cheek Deal
WriterZenContent Tool$79Cheek Deal
OptinlyEmail Capture Tool$59Cheek Deal
SleekBioLink tree$19Cheek Deal
AgiledBusiness Management$69Cheek Deal

AppSumo Lifetime Deals Summary

Linguix: Improve the quality of your writing with AI-powered corrections and suggestions.

Writecream: With Writecream, you can quickly generate a product article, blog article, or YouTube video script.

DMARC Report: Monitor domain security and boost deliverability with one easy-to-use platform

KingSumo: Generate tons of leads for your business or brand with viral giveaways

Ingimage: Get access to premium photos, vector graphics, and HD video

Uteach: Organize and automate online Learning with the pre-design templated Website.

UChat: Automate your sales process with a visual chatbot builder. Chat with your customers across 11 channels

TidyCal: Plan meetings without the back-and-forth emailing and instantly create booking pages

AskJarvis: Write code faster with tools like syntax and documentation generators that work across programming and natural languages

DeepWord: Generate synthetic videos of people talking in multiple languages from text or by uploading audio files

WordHero: Write high-quality blog articles, social media captions, emails, ads, and sales copy

WriterZen: Generate unique content insights to create content that thrives

Optinly: Create pop-up campaigns with triggers for the device, exit intent, time-delays

SleekBio: Create a simple, beautiful link to use in your social media bios and website

SendFox: Send endless scheduled and automatic emails to your audience

Agiled: Manage agreements, sales pipelines, proposals, contacts, projects, finances, and teams all in one place

Linguix: Automatically check grammar, punctuation, and style on your favourite sites with the Linguix browser extension

KingSumo: Grow email list by running giveaways

Appsumo Deal Of the Day


Linguix helps you write better, faster. It uses AI to identify and correct errors in your writing, and then provides you with grammar, style, and vocab recommendations to help you improve your writing skills.

Cheat Layer

This unique tool lets you create custom automations without any code or action recorders. Simply enter a few lines of code to get started, and your automation tools will be up and running in no time!


Texta.ai is an easy to use content generation platform that helps you write excellent, long-form content in minutes.

Best Appsumo Deals for Appsumo Plus

Appsumo Plus is a subscription service that gives you access to a library of high-quality apps and tools, as well as exclusive discounts and deals on new apps.

Appsumo Plus Allows you to save 10% on every deal you purchase from Appsumo so you can save even more.

AppSumo Plus is a great choice for small businesses that are looking for an affordable, all-in-one solution. AppSumo Plus is easy to use and comes with everything you need to get started. In Appsumo plus, You’ll get many essential business tools altogether.

With Appsumo plus, You can access Appsumo original products such as Senfox Email marketing tool, Sleekbio, Emailbadge, ShortySMS, KingSumo and Many more

Want to learn more about Apsumo Plus? Click here.

This Deal comes with a very reasonable price. You can get Appsumo Plus just only $99/year.

New Arrivals Appsumo Lifetime Deal

SocialNowa Chatbot

SocialNowa Chatbot offers an AI-powered platform that helps you create and manage personalized messenger bots. It integrates with an ecommerce store system so you can sell products and collect orders within the same platform. You can schedule social media posts from the same environment, so you can keep followers engaged. It has various features like a help center and knowledge base for users, along with automated responses for many situations

Learn More And Get Lifetime Access Here


Search engine optimization projects are complicated and time-consuming. The SheerSEO tool simplifies the whole process by providing actionable keyword data and relevant advanced filters that make it easier for you to track your rankings across multiple platforms. Our monthly subscription gives you access to all features of our platform including: user interface customization, API logs, alerts and email reports

Learn More And Get Lifetime Acce


Do you want to launch your own online store or app but dont have the time or skills? Dukaan is a drag-and-drop online store builder that lets you set up your online shop in minutes without any coding or design skills.

Dukaan is the one-stop solution for building the perfect website. When you join Dukaan, you can take advantage of our powerful toolkit without any coding or design skills required. Our no-coding platform allows you to build an online store in less than 5 minutes — saving you time and money as we handle all the heavy lifting for you

Learn More And Get Lifetime Access Here


If you’re looking for a contact database that is reliable and trustworthy, then take a look at LeadRocks. It has a 100M database of B2B contacts that can be really helpful for sales teams who need to find new leads.

Through this database, you can search by job title, company name or URL, location, industry, or team size to find the right people to target. With just one credit added to your account every month, you get access to more than 5000 credits which would be enough to reveal all contact data of one person

Learn More And Get Lifetime Access Here


BackupSheep is a backup automation tool that allows enterprises to delegate their backups to the cloud with no coding required.

The BackupSheep platform is built around a powerful yet simple engine that lets you automate Snapshots, Clones and Backups of your server, databases and websites by filling in some simple fields

Learn More And Get Lifetime Access Here


Luminar is a photo editing program that takes the work out of editing photography and lets you focus on creating art.

Features like Accent AI make it easy to remove flaws such as blemishes, wrinkles, and dark circles from faces with just one click. Luminar gives you over 100 tools paired with templates to get professional-looking results in less time

Learn More And Get Lifetime Access Here

Filmage Screen

Filmage Screen lets you record your entire screen or any portion of it, and your voice with an easy to use stable and intuitive interface.

It can help you convert videos into animated GIFs and export them as files, so that you could play and share them directly via email, iMessage or any other apps.

Learn More And Get Lifetime Access Here


Do you want to become a better public speaker? Orai is an app that helps you raise your confidence and improve your public speaking skills in as little as four weeks.

This tool offers bite-sized lessons that help you refine some of the most common techniques and strategies used by public speakers today. You can even speak into the mic to practice your speech and get real-time feedback.

Learn More And Get Lifetime Access Here

Top 10+ AppSumo Deals in May 2022


image 15

Heartbeat is a community hub that lets you host all of your chat threads and discussions in one place. Whether you’re looking for a new space to discuss your next big idea, engage with customers about a new product release, or host weekly office hours on Slack

Alternative to: Slack, Discord, Circle, and Rocket.Chat

Get 2,000 members With Unlimited storage for $69

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $69

Squirrly SEO

image 16

Are your keywords not getting the results you wanted? Start using Squirrly SEO. This program analyzes your content, compares it to your keyword strategies and gives you clear guidelines to improve. The app will send notifications every time it’s time to optimize so you can spend less time worrying and more time creating quality content.

Alternative to: Yoast

Best for Business owners, content creators, and agencies looking to access clear guidelines for improving their SEO

You can use 5 sites for $49, 10 sites for $98 and unlimited site $147 

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $69


image 17

Are you a solopreneur, creator, or developer?

Sellix allows you to sell any type of digital product or service like software, services and memberships directly on a customized digital storefront. You can accept cryptocurrency payments

Selling your digital products on a customizable platform has never been easier. It helps you sell software, eBooks, courses, memberships, and services through an easy-to-use storefront that integrates seamlessly with your existing website.

Alternative to: Gumroad and SendOwl

Best for Solopreneurs, creators, and developers who want to sell digital products or services online in no time

Get 5 shops, 5 custom domains, $250,000 total annual revenue limit for $89

Get 10 shops, 10 custom domains, $600,000 total annual revenue limit for $179

Get 20 shops, 15 custom domains, $1,500,000 total annual revenue limit for $279

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $89


Nichesss helps you quickly find and write engaging content that converts into paying customers. Nichesss helps you find profitable niches and write engaging content so that you can grow your business faster.

Nichesss helps you quickly find and write engaging content that converts into paying customers. Nichesss helps you find profitable niches and write engaging content so that you can grow your business faster.

  • It helps you find profitable niches for your business.
  • It provides marketing copy and social media posts for your business.

best for People who are looking for profitable niches to start a business in, need marketing materials for a niche they have found, want help coming up with ideas for content, social media posts, or YouTube videos

Get Lifetime Access for $59


image 18

Interacty helps you create interactive content to supercharge engagement and collect more leads from your website. We provide easy-to-use templates for building classic games like puzzles, trivia, and hidden objects. Our tools allow anyone to create engaging experiences within minutes.

Whether you’re a developer, marketing manager, or content creator, use Interacty to create engaging interactive content for your website. Our easy-to-use templates allow anyone to build classic games like puzzles, trivia, and hidden objects in minutes.

Alternative to: EX.CO, involve.me, and Outgrow

Best for: Marketers, coaches, and online creators looking to make their content more engaging and interactive

Unlimited websites, 10 team members, 5,000 leads from contacts per month, 50,000 page views per month for $59

Unlimited websites, 20 team members, 15,000 leads from contacts per month and 100,000 page views per month for $129

Unlimited websites, 30 team members, 30,000 leads from contacts per month, 200,000 page views per month for $219

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $59


image 19

Uteach is a full-featured online teaching platform that makes it easy for anyone to create an online course rom teachers looking to monetize their expertise to businesses looking to offer training. Built on the robust knowledge base and authoring tools that have made Udemy one of the largest online learning platforms in existence, Uteach gives teachers everything they need to start selling.

If you love teaching but hate the hassle of setting up a class or registering students online, consider creating an online course with Uteach.

Alternative to Udemy, Kajabi, and LearnWorlds

Best for Coaches, training centers, and creators that want to monetize their expertise with automated online teaching

Get 5 admin-level users, Unlimited courses, and Unlimited live sessions per month For $89

Get 10 admin-level users, Unlimited courses, and Unlimited live sessions per month for $179

Get 25 admin-level users, Unlimited courses, and Unlimited live sessions per month for $299

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $59


image 20

UChat provides companies with an easy way to automate their sales process through a chatbot builder. Businesses can use the UChat platform to build, deploy and manage their own branded bot for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram. In addition to delivering customer service 24/7, UChat can also be used to perform marketing tasks such as lead generation, appointment scheduling and more.

Alternative to: ManyChat, Chatfuel, and Chatrace

Best for Customer service teams, digital marketers, and agencies looking to enhance their customer care with conversational AI

Get 1 bot, 4,000 active bot users, 5 team members for $99

Get 2 bot, 10,000 active bot users, 10 team members for $199

4 bot, 20,000 active bot users, 15 team members for $299

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $59


image 21

Do you waste too much time scheduling meetings? TidyCal makes it easier to manage and schedule meetings with clients, prospects and partners. 

TidyCal allows project managers and marketing agencies to quickly set up booking pages with just a few clicks. With integrations with other tools, they can also use TidyCal’s integrated email automation feature to notify their prospects or customers when the time comes.

Alternative to: Calendly and Doodle

Best for Project managers, marketing agencies, and sales teams who want a stress-free way to schedule meetings

Get 10 calendar connections, Free & paid meetings, Reduced branding for $29

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $59


image 22

AskJarvis is a program that lets you write code faster and save time by integrating tools such as documentation generators, syntax highlighters, query builders, and more into your favorite IDE. It supports queries in natural languages besides English and works across programming, scripting and natural languages. AskJarvis can be used by both developers and product managers to organize their work faster by reducing the amount of time spent searching for code or building similar queries over and over again

Alternative to GitHub Copilot

Best for Developers, product managers, and web designers who want to boost team efficiency and write higher quality code

Get 2 users, 512 generated characters limited per request, Unlimited monthly request limit for $59

Get 7 users, 1,024 generated characters limited per request, Unlimited monthly request limit for $119

Get 15 users, 2,048 generated characters limited per request, Unlimited monthly request limit for $199

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $59


image 23

DeepWord is the world’s first deepfake AI that enables you to create personalized videos of people talking in multiple languages from text or by uploading audio files.

You can use text or an audio file to generate these realistic-looking videos that are personalized and targeted towards your audience. You can use DeepWord’s system in Sales and Marketing campaigns, or even use it yourself for fun

Alternative to Synthesia

Best for Sales and marketing teams that want to increase outreach and engagement with personalized videos

Get 20 video minutes per month, Unlimited video storage, 140+ languages and voices for $59

Get 60 video minutes per month, Unlimited video storage, 140+ languages and voices for $119

Get 120 video minutes per month, Unlimited video storage, 140+ languages and voices for 

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $59


image 24

What if you could write better content with less effort? WordHero is an AI content writer that helps you create high quality blog articles, social media captions, emails, ads, sales copy, product descriptions and more in just a few clicks. With 50 writing tools its never been easier to write quality startup marketing content ideas!

WordHero – AI Content Writer is a powerful all-in-one writing software that saves you time and money. Use WordHero to easily create any type of content: blog articles, social media posts, email newsletters and more

Alternative to: Jarvis, Rytr, PepperType, Writesonic

UNLIMITED copy forever

Access to all 50+ writing tools 

Access to all future writing tools/templates

One Time Purchase of $89.00

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $59


image 25

Do you need a tool that is simple and easy to use, but effective at producing high-quality content? WriterZen analyzes your keyword and writes for you—in less time than if you were to write it yourself. Writers have pointed out that there’s nothing more efficient or stress-free than having a computer do the heavy lifting while they focus on writing smart, meaningful copy

WriterZen is a tool that helps SEO experts create high-quality SEO content in minutes. It simplifies complex SEO data into actionable tasks and gives you the tools you need to get them done faster. No more wasting time on free tools or spending money on expensive wizards that try to sell you on yet one more service or product. WriterZen was built by a team of experienced marketers along with real content professionals who understand how important it is for your business to get found

Alternative to SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs

Best for Marketers, SEO content agencies, and small businesses that want to improve their search engine visibility

One Time Purchase of $79.00

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $59


image 26

Want to create custom pop-ups for your website but don’t know how? Optinly gives you all the tools and options you need, including templates based on your goals, so that you can quickly build successful campaigns. With a built-in editor to customize the pop-ups to meet your needs, as well as triggers like exit intent and retargeting criteria, Optinly will get your website noticed

Alternative to: OptinMonster, WisePops, and Poptin

Best for: Ecommerce stores and digital marketers wanting to capture user attention with highly effective pop-ups

Get 5 sites for $59 

Get Lifetime Deals Access for $59


image 27

Looking to create a link in your social media bio that links directly to your website and offers potential customers a way to find all the material you have published online? SleekBio is an easy-to-use tool that lets you create a link that shows off everything you have published on different platforms

Alternative to: Linktree and Linkin.Bio

Best for: Creators who want a single social media bio link to promote their best content and products

Get Lifetime Deal for $19


Calling all entrepreneurs: do you need a better way to manage your business? Agiled is the perfect solution

Agiled is a powerful, all-in-one business management platform that helps you streamline and automate all of your operations. The product features an easy-to-use interface for everything from creating invoices and estimates to managing projects, tasks, expenses and sales. One place to manage it all

Alternative to: Dubsado, Honeybook, and Hello Bonsai

Best for: Tool-overloaded businesses looking to save time and money managing all their tasks from one central platform

Get Lifetime Deal for $19

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What is Appsumo?

Appsumo is a website that offers discounts and deals on popular software and online services. Appsumo is particularly popular with small businesses and startups who are looking for affordable ways to access the best tools for their businesses.

What is Appsumo Plus?

Appsumo Plus is a premium subscription service that gives users access to exclusive content and features not available on the Appsumo website. This includes early access to new products, discounts on Appsumo products, and access to Appsumo Live, a live chat service where users can ask questions and get help from Appsumo staff.

What is Appsumo Briefcase?

Appsumo Briefcase is a membership site that provides its members with access to a library of resources, training materials, and templates on a variety of business and marketing topics. The site offers a variety of membership levels, each of which provides access to different resources.

Is Appsumo worth it?

Yes, Appsumo is definitely worth it! They offer an incredible selection of products and services at amazing prices, and their lifetime deals are an incredible value. They also have a very active and helpful community that is always willing to help out and answer any questions you may have.

What are the best Appsumo lifetime Deals?

WordHero: Write high-quality blog articles, social media captions, emails, ads, and sales copy
SendFox: Send endless scheduled and automatic emails to your audience
WriterZen: Generate unique content insights to create content that thrives
Heartbeat: Build and manage an online Community. It’s a place for your team to collaborate, and stay up-to-date on the new projects.