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Looking for some awesome freebies? Look no further than Appsumo! They’ve got tons of great stuff up for grabs, and it’s all absolutely free! From ebooks and courses to software and templates, there’s something for everyone at Appsumo. And best of all, it’s all completely free! So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Appsumo and start grabbing some amazing freebies!

Openly Vendor Monitor Free Lifetime Deal

Openly is the only vendor risk management platform that automates pre-populated vendor search and notification, allowing you to search the world’s largest database of over 19,000 vendors in real-time. Our unique App Play technology provides instant alerts suggesting action items and security ratings on your vendors—allowing you to save time and stay compliant. Our client base includes 101 of the Fortune 500 and more than 250 million global users, so you can be sure Openly aligns with best practices across the board. Honey simply means “honest” in Sanskrit. Openly means “honestly” in English—so your vendors are open about privacy. They disclose relevant information which could affect your business, using technology that does all the hard work for you!

OneCrate – Unified database of jobs and resumes

Do you have a team that needs a kick-start, or looking for new exciting talent? OneCrate is your solution. OneCrate is an online portal where companies can search a unified database of jobs and resumes, find opportunities in their company or in others and attract qualified candidates. Companies also have access to a variety of tools to build and manage their job descriptions and resumes.

KuickFeed Free Lifetime Deal

Do you keep track of all your product updates easily, with no pain? KuickFeed is a tool that helps you keep track of all the changes that happen to your products, so you can keep your users updated on what’s new. We have made managing changelog easy by providing you with a customizable template to suit your own brand’s needs. You can include photos or videos in your logs along with a detailed description. The most important part is that KuickFeed offers a platform where you can manage all features that occur in one place.

Antler Launch Academy – Get the resources you need to go from idea to startup on one open-access platform

Do you want to learn how to launch the next big startup? Check out Antler Launch Academy, where you can learn from experienced founders and investors by watching on-demand masterclasses and getting feedback on your idea from the Antler community. For just $100/month, you’ll get unlimited access to over 100+ masterclasses, as well as founder-led study groups and one-on-one mentorship with a serial entrepreneur. Apply today and join the next generation of startup leaders.


Postaga is a tool that helps you quickly build links and drive traffic to your website by creating custom automated campaigns. With Postaga, you can build an unlimited number of tailor-made campaigns in any niche via simple point-and-click. Postaga’s revolutionary keyword leads engine lets you generate as many highly targeted email leads (for free) as you want, within minutes. It automates the process of finding and reaching out to potential leads, which can be a time-consuming process. It offers a variety of campaign types to choose from, so you can find the right one for your needs. And it provides detailed reports on the success of your campaigns, so you can track your progress and adjust as needed. Postaga will help you quickly achieve your marketing goals—all with just a few clicks!

ApproveMe’s Ultimate Contract Template Library

The ApproveMes Ultimate Contract Template Library provides you with a library of legal documents for your business. It offers ready-to-use, high-quality contract and agreement templates that protect your clients and their businesses from unexpected risks and issues. As technology advances and the digital economy expands, businesses come with more complex needs for legal protection or risk management. And if you work as an independent professional or offer services online, you also need legal protection to keep your business up and running. That’s why ApproveMes has created this complete library of legally binding contract templates and agreements for your business.

TimeTrack By Apploye

TimeTrack by Apploye automatically generates reports for timesheets and invoices, helping businesses save significant time and money. It tracks work hours spent on projects for your team, making timesheets, payrolls and invoices with ease. TimeTrack by Apploye is best for project managers, agencies and payroll departments that want to increase productivity and streamline bookkeeping. Try TimeTrack today!

Brizy Design Kit – UI design in way less time with stunning premade site blocks and content

Have you ever created a website that looked great, but took forever to design? We solve this real-life problem by bringing you the Brizy Design Kit. The Brizy Design Kit offers over 250 premade site blocks for fast, efficient web design. It’s easily customizable, with a wide range of options for changing typography, color schemes and more. Best of all, every asset in the kit is approved for personal or commercial use. Join thousands of people in saving hours when designing your next website!


Are you looking to find the best influencers to market your business? Intellifluence is the perfect tool for creating and managing your influencer marketing campaigns. Intellifluence is a powerful tool built specifically for marketers who want to work with social media influencers. Our database of over 250K active bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers helps you find the best influencers for your campaign in 2 minutes or less. After you create a campaign, our AI-powered platform matches you with the top 10 influencers based on search results and their ability to reach your target audience. You can customize each campaign to send out customized pitches, monitor performance, and reward your team all in one place. Don’t waste time or money on extensive vetting processes or trying to manage payments yourself—get started with Intellifluence today.


VectorGrove is a website where you can find royalty-free vectors and graphics to use in your creative projects. You can search for images by keyword or phrase, and you can filter your results by orientation, color, and text space. With over 500k vector images available, you’ll have plenty of choices to help you with any project you’re working on. Join VectorGrove today to start downloading the royalty-free vectors and graphics you need.

How To Buy Back Your Time With an Assistant

Helping busy business owners do more of what matters. That’s the mission behind How to Buy Back Your Time With an Assistant. The ebook provides documentation like playbooks to improve communication and the working relationship with your assistant. It also takes a stair-step approach to project and task delegation, providing short learning modules to guide you through the process of delegation and assist you in buying back your time.

How to Launch Your Course on AppSumo: Step-by-Step Guides for Teachable, Skillshare, and Podia

Do you want to launch your own online course? You’re in the right place. With our step-by-step guides, you’ll learn exactly how to launch your own course on Teachable, Skillshare and Podia. You’ll learn how to set up an irresistible offer, attract students, and make a killing. We even cover how to promote your course with social media — it’s easy when you know what you’re doing. Check out our step-by-step guides to learn how to make more money teaching with less work, frustration, and risk.

How to Use SEO Data to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy

Do you want to win with content? If so, you’ll love this free guide. Download the ebook How to Use SEO Data to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy and learn how to create content that people want. We’ll show you how to find topics and write queries that are guaranteed to resonate with your audience. Used correctly, SEO data can be your secret weapon for optimized content that gets noticed by search engines, and drives traffic back to your website and hooks potential customers into becoming full-fledged buyers.


After using Appsumo for a while, I’ve come to really appreciate the freebies they offer. I’ve gotten some great products and services for free, and I’ve even found some new favourite companies through their freebie offers.

I highly recommend Appsumo to anyone looking for a great way to get free stuff. Their freebie offers are top-notch, and you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Thanks, Appsumo!

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