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Calido Lifetime Deal: Creating, managing and executing a project can be quite a challenge.

Users will have to collect, sort and prioritize the product requirements before even getting started on finding a solution for problem-solution fit.

Then comes the spreadsheet. Manually tracking progress becomes cumbersome as the project moves along. So you start looking for automation but tracking each task and source file gets a lot of work in itself—often more than the actual project!

This is where Calido comes in. The tool that is changing the way companies, large and small, manage their digital projects by providing an all-inclusive digital product management platform.

Meet Calido

What is Calido Lifetime Deal

Calido is a tool that helps you manage and build great products from ideation to launch. It’s like having your own coach by your side that can guide you through the entire product development process. Calido helps you work faster, smarter, and grow better. No matter what type of business you are in or the specific stage of product development you are at, you can be sure that Calido and its comprehensive toolset has what you need.

With Calido, you can build the perfect product catalog that matches your business’s core offerings. From there, you can add categories, tags, variations (like size or color), and more to ensure your customers always get the right product.

Once you know what products you offer and how they are organized in your catalog, it is time to start managing costs and prices. You can manage margins on existing items or introduce new costs as you add products over time. When adding multiple costs at once (or if you want to set up automatic cost updates), Calido supports bulk editing so that no change goes unnoticed!

If that sounds like too much manual work for your taste (no judgment here!), then let Calido do the heavy lifting for you with automated profit margin calculations based on individual product costs.

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Calido Appsumo lifetime deal 

Calido provides you with a platform that allows you to effectively track your projects from ideation to launch. Calido has customizable templates that include OKR’s, User Personas and Roadmaps—all in one place. With Calido, you collect user feedback in real-time which helps you adapt more quickly. You will spend less time managing and more time developing your projects.

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as checkManage product roadmaps, ideas, features, escalations, and tasks

as checkCollect and organize customer feedback

as checkHierarchical or flat list, Kanban, or Gantt chart view

as checkCross-department collaboration

as checkConnect roadmaps to strategy and goals

as checkSet company and product strategy: objectives and key results (OKRs)

as checkSync roadmaps with development tools like JIRA with prebuilt integrations

as checkUser personas

as checkCompetitive analysis

Calido Lifetime Deal features

Conversion Rate, Product Performance, Acquisition Channels, and Average Purchase Value.

Calido dashboard
  • You’ll be able to monitor your key performance metrics with Calido Lifetime Deal.
  • Monitor your conversion rate, product performance, acquisition channels, and Average Purchase Value.
  • Understand which products are most popular and best converting.
  • See the breakdown of how much traffic is being driven from each channel for smarter marketing decisions.

Customize your product catalog to match your business

Calido is a new kind of product catalog that adapts to your business and makes it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for. Create custom products in Calido, or import from Shopify. Add images and descriptions, organize them by category, add variants (color, size etc). Even offer discounts on specific products or categories!

Add your own variants and set up custom personalizations.

  • Add and edit variants, such as color, size, material, and more.
  • Set up custom personalizations.
  • Create product variants and personalizations through the admin or the API.

Add personalizations like engravings, gift messages and more.

Custom views

Add customizations like engravings, gift messages and more.

With Calido, you can add personalization like engravings, gift messages and more to your store. Simply add product variants to your catalog and you’re good to go.

Calido also lets you add your own variants and set up custom personalizations so you can give customers a unique experience.

Make it easy to sell with flexible payment options.

Calido lets you offer a variety of payment options to your customers. They can always pay with their cards, or take advantage of faster checkout by using Apple Pay and Google Pay. By choosing Klarna and Sezzle, they can also buy now and pay later.

Allow customers to buy now and pay later through Sezzle or Klarna.

Idea portal

With Calido, customers can purchase products using Sezzle or Klarna. Sezzle is a payment method that lets consumers buy now and pay later with no interest or fees. This financing option allows customers to split their total into four payments, paying 25% up front and the remaining three divided over six weeks.

Klarna is another installment payment provider that allows customers to pay for purchases across two months without interest or fees. Customers get an immediate checkout experience, where they’ll be prompted to create an account to make future purchases easier. Plus, there’s no credit check so you can increase conversion rates by offering more convenient payment options.

Create bundle products, upsells and cross-selling offers that automatically generate discounts on items in the cart.

Templates library
  • Create bundle products, upsells and cross-selling offers that automatically generate discounts on items in the cart.
  • Allow customers to buy now and pay later through Sezzle or Klarna.
  • Coming soon! Create discount codes for specific collections or product types.
  • Grow internationally with multilingual support + currencies.

Coming soon! Create discount codes for specific collections or product types.

Generate discount codes for specific collections or product types. Set your code to apply a percentage discount or a dollar amount discount. Set your code to have a limited number of uses, or to be unlimited. Choose whether the code should expire after a certain date, or if it can be used indefinitely.

Grow internationally with multilingual support + currencies.

Adding a new language to your store is easy! Calido gives you the option to automatically translate your store content and product descriptions, or you can do manual translations for an extra personal touch. You’ll also have the ability to set up a currency switcher, which will give your customers the advantage of switching the currency that they prefer to check out with.

  • To add a new language, head over to Settings → General Settings and scroll down until you see

Reach new audiences by offering your website in multiple languages.

Use Calido to reach new audiences by offering your website in multiple languages. You can set up a seamless checkout process that supports multiple currencies.

Support multiple currencies for a seamless checkout process.

Now even more customers can buy your products.

As an eCommerce store owner, you want as many people from around the world to be able to purchase your products as possible. Support for multiple currencies is a practical way of making that happen. For example, if you’re based in India but have customers who are primarily from California, they’ll be able to pay for your products in US dollars instead of Indian rupees. This feature is available to all Calido users.

Use it for free for life, limited quantities available!

Did you know you can use Calido for free forever? That’s right, there are no monthly fees and no transaction fees. It’s like having a free customer analytics platform for life, except that it’s not. It’s more than that. Get this deal at while supplies last

Calido Lifetime Deal Conclusion

Calido is a complete product management toolkit that helps you manage all stages of the product lifecycle in one place. Calido is designed to give you what you need to plan, track and generate feedback on your products, taking care of everything from initial idea to launch. Because Calido uses an open data model, you can plug in any analytics tool so that every decision you make can be fully informed. Check out our template gallery for getting started tips and for ideas of how to use different templates if the provided templates don’t meet your own needs. To read more about how product managers at companies like Hubspot, CareerBuilder and General Assembly use Calido to build great products

Calido Lifetime Deal is a good deal if you are looking for a good software to follow through on your marketing campaigns. It is easy to use, has great features, and can be used to generate targeted leads. It is definitely worth the price and you will be happy with its results.

If you are interested in purchasing Calido Lifetime Deal, visit their website at for more information about their products and services. You will also find testimonials from other customers who have purchased Calido Lifetime Deal and are happy with their purchase.

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