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You are sitting at your desk wondering to yourself Am I working too hard? Should I grab some air? or What drives my focus?

Short breaks and periodic pauses are scientifically proven to improve one’s focus.

Cuely is a worklife wellness assistant that is proven to make teams do and feel better. It sends you reminders to drink water, take breaks, and stretch. You can also use Cuely to compete in team challenges with your friends and coworkers.

Cuely is a worklife wellness assistant that makes teams do and feel better by helping them live healthy and productive lives. Since 2012, Cuely has helped over 1 million people in over 120 countries get more done, feel better, and perform at their peak. Cuely’s solutions are flexible enough to work for the business owner, solopreneur, team, or large enterprise – all with an open API so you can customize your experience. Cuely’s team of behavioral scientists and software engineers is dedicated to empowering you to live your best life at work – from learning new things to achieving real results to being healthier both mentally and physically. We’re excited to share more with you on how you can use our tools to transform your team into a high-performance machine. So let’s get started

What is Cuely Lifetime Deal

Cuely is a worklife wellness assistant that is proven to make teams do and feel better. Cuely makes it easier and more rewarding for you to meet mindfulness goals as a team, achieve your personal health targets, track your nutrition, improve communication and cultivate better relationships at the office with your colleagues.

What are the unique aspects of Cuely Lifetime deal

  1. It is a worklife wellness assistant that is proven to make teams do and feel better.
  2. It is the 1 featured wellness app on slack.
  3. It is integrated with how you already work and is backed by science

Cuely Lifetime deal Best For:

  1. People who want to be more productive and healthier in their work life.
  2. Teams that want to be more productive and healthier as a team.
  3. People who want to have lifetime access to Cuely.
  4. People who want to redeem their codes within 60 days of purchase

Cuely Lifetime deal Features

  • Helping your team manage their time with features like calendar integration and meeting reminders
  • Tracking your team’s progress and offering personalized recommendations
  • Giving your team the power to manage their own wellness with features like self-care reminders and personalized tips
  • Cuely is the worklife wellness assistant proven to make teams do and feel better by cueing you with personalized breaks and reminders.
  • With Cuely, take action in real-time team wellness insights. Understand how your team is feeling, and send relevant breaks and reminders based on your team’s needs.
  • Stay well together with fun challenges that teams love. Keep hybrid and remote teams engaged by hosting team challenges where participation means giving back to your favorite causes.
  • Battle burnout in days, not months. Dehydrated? We’ll make sure you drink up. Back hurt? We’ll prompt you with stretches targeting sore spots. We’re here to help your team accomplish their goals.
  • Cuely is integrated with how you already work and is backed by science. Boost happiness and productivity with proven activities that blend into your workday right inside the tools you already use.

Cuely Lifetime Plans Included

  1. A team of up to 10 people can use the Cuely app to manage their wellness and set goals together.
  2. The app provides lifetime access to all features for all team members.
  3. The app offers unlimited “cues” personalized to each team member to help them stay on track with their wellness goals.
  4. The app includes unlimited Cuely Wellness Sync-Ups, 15-minute results-driven sessions with experts.
  5. AppSumo Pricing for Cuely is typically $4 per team member, per month = $1,440 for 3 years with Cuely.

Cuely Lifetime deal Conclusions

Work hard, stay healthy, have fun. Cuely is a worklife wellness assistant that doles out one-minute breaks precisely when you need them and nudges you to drink more water and exercise during the day. Teams using Cuely have shown lasting improvements in productivity, happiness, and work/life balance—these results come thanks to an intelligent app designed by productivity experts with the world’s best workplace health program. It’s not only the most popular team workplace wellness app on Slack, but it’s also the best one. Download Cuely on Slack today and start doing better work and feeling better.

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