DeepWord Lifetime Deal – Worth it Or Waste of Monney?

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Getting good fake videos requires hours of real footage, but with the fake news crisis, what you want is better, faster and cheaper than ever before.

Enter DeepWord, a revolutionary text-to-video and audio-to-video generator.

Producing HD or 4K quality videos in almost real-time. DeepWord uses Custom Word Embeddings to generate every syllable of your script as a video and audio clip right at your fingertips.

Hey Guys, Mahmudul Rubel here, Want to learn is it worth it Or a Waste of money? In this post, I am going to show you whether Is DeepWord Lifetime deal worth investing in or not.

DeepWord Overview

DeepWord is a deep fake video creation platform that lets you generate personalized CRM-integrated deepfakes at scale.

DeepWord offers a web app as well as a python library for developers to integrate into their own applications.

DeepWord is powered by the same technology that our team of AI scientists at Emotive developed to create personalized marketing videos for our clients.

decided to open-source this technology so that all businesses can benefit from it.

Synthesia is a alternative Of Deepword

It Would Be Best for Sales and marketing teams that want to increase outreach and engagement with personalized videos

Deep word is an app that creates deepfake videos in seconds, using Artificial intelligence that it is trained using Google’s state of the art technology.

It’s important to note that DeepWord is an ethical deepfake tool. This means that if you use this tool incorrectly or maliciously, there will be consequences. Please read Terms of Service before using DeepWord so that you know how it works and how not to get in trouble for using it improperly.

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DeepWord Solutions

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DeepWord can generate videos of people talking in any language with the person being able to talk back to you by just pressing a button

How does Deepword Work? Let us check it out

Video actor

You can also choose from our stock library of actors.

If you upload your own video, our AI will automatically crop the actor’s face, so no more struggling with cutting clips of your actor’s face and trying to align it with the text.

You can also choose from one of our stock audio files or type in your own script.

Own script

With this feature, you can type your own script or upload an audio file and then customize the video with background music.

You can also add your company logo at the end of the video and share it with your clients.

generated fast

Your video will be generated fast. DeepFake Videos is the fastest, free and easy to use app that allows you to generate deepfake videos in seconds.

Using our API, you can create a video in a few minutes and it will be generated automatically when it’s ready! With this app, you can

DeepWord attribute

Integrated deepfakes.

Deepfakes are realistic human face swaps, where you can replace someone’s face with another person or even a famous actor.

It lets you generate realistic personal deepfakes at scale.

Supported formats include png, jpg, BMP, and GIF. Files can be uploaded manually or the platform can scrape videos for you from YouTube and Vimeo.

Use the simple video maker to create your deepfake in seconds. Record your voice and add background music to create your video.

You can create deep fakes of George Clooney reading out your marketing pitch or Elon Musk talking about your company’s product roadmap.

Upload CSV

Upload CSV files from any CRM to instantly customize videos. If you use another CRM, our platform can also import data directly from your online sales system and other popular platforms, such as Salesforce, Google Sheets and HubSpot.


DeepWord included a python library in the DeepWord installation package. This library allows you to easily integrate DeepWord into your own application, whether it’s a web application or some other type of program.

The python library uses our deep learning model and makes it easy to generate deepfake videos with any database on which you would like to create them.


Imagine you’re working on a project with a colleague and want to send them an intro video of yourself, but not just any old intro video you want to make it more specific so that they know exactly what kind of person you are. Well, now you can.

Using the DeepWord app, you can create an intro video for each contact in your phonebook and send it directly from within their contact profile page.


The DeepWord app is a tool that you can use to generate and personalize videos at scale. It’s not just for email. Why send an email when you could make a deepfake video instead?

When using the DeepWord app, it’s easy to go beyond sending emails and make a deepfake video for each of your contacts. For example:

  • You can start by adding your contacts to a CSV file and uploading it to the DeepWord app. The next step is adding their name and company name as well so that everything matches up perfectly later on in the process.
  • Once this has been done, create an account with us (if you don’t already have one), which will allow access to our admin panel where all automation takes place.

DeepWord Pricing

DeepWord comes with 3 plans

FREE, Premium And Pay you Go

Free Plan $0/Months

  • 02:00 Video Minutes
  • Text To video
  • All languages
  • 4 Video Actors
  • Custom audio upload
  • MP4 Downloads
  • Video Sharing Pages
  • Moderate processing time
  • DeepWod Branding

Premium Plans $14.99/Months

  • 14:00 Video Minutes
  • Text To video
  • Scaled Video Campaigns
  • All Languages
  • 25+ Video Actors
  • Custom Video Actor Upload
  • Custom Audio Upload
  • Video Analytic TrackingVideo analytics for individual videos and scaled video campaigns. Track video views & engagement.
  • API access
  • MP4 Downloads
  • Custom Domain Share Pages
  • Fast Processing Time
  • No DeepWord Branding

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DeepWord Appsumo Pricing

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License Tier 1 (3 seats):

One Time Purchase of $59.00

With this license, your company will be able to use our product at full capacity, with all features included. You’ll have access to 3 seats, which means that up to 3 people in your organization can use our product at any given time. If you want more seats for more people in your business to be able to use our product, you can upgrade anytime.

License Tier 2 (6 seats):

One Time Purchase of $119.00

This license gives you access to everything offered at the previous tier, but with 6 seats instead of 3. This means that up to 6 people in your company can use the product at once.

License Tier 3 (15 seats):

One Time Purchase of $179.00

This is our most robust license offering, and gives you a full 15 seats for members of your business to use the product at once. You’ll also get all features included in the previous licenses

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DeepWord conclusions

The DeepWord team did an excellent job of creating a tool that is both user-friendly and comprehensive. The platform allows users to generate personalized CRM-integrated deepfakes at scale, which can then be used in a variety of contexts including marketing campaigns or training videos.

While the technology behind deepfakes has existed for some time now, tools like DeepWord are helping to make them more accessible to businesses which might not have been able to afford or develop their own software. It’ll be interesting to see how these technologies evolve over time; we’re sure to see many new uses for this content creation technology in the near future

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