Eventmie Pro Lifetime Deal – Online Event Ticketing System

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What is Eventmie Pro Lifetime Deal – Online Event Ticketing System

Eventmie Pro Lifetime Deal lets you create and manage your events all in one place. Sell event tickets, set up bookings, event schedule, get paid online & more. Eventmie Pro is a PHP-based multiorganization online event ticketing system that makes it easy to create and manage multiple events at once. It has an integrated payment gateway to help you sell your events online & get paid instantly under the same platform.

Eventmie Pro Lifetime Deal Pro does not limit to a single organization, it provides multi-organizations support for all users, where the Super Admin can add & manage multiple organizations from the back-end with ease. So, If you have multiple clients or if you are the owner of multiple companies/events then this script is a must-have solution for you as it will help you easily organize & track your business growth in an automated way without any hassle.

Growing your online event business by automating online event bookings, scheduling, registration

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You can imagine how frustrating it would be to not have this feature. You wouldn’t want your customers to travel to the venue and find out that the event is canceled or postponed. That would be a bad experience for them, and you’d probably lose their business forever.

Eventmie Pro Lifetime Deal will automatically show whether an event is canceled or postponed on its page. It also has an option to allow a customer to get a refund in such cases.

The deal includes Free Installation Support on your web-hosting

This is a limited-time offer, which includes 3-month free web hosting. The lifetime deal will include all the features of the basic package with unlimited events, tickets, and attendees.

The Free Installation Support on your domain/web-hosting is included in the package. If you require any help regarding installation or setting up payment options, they also have a dedicated support team to assist you via live chat or email.

Online + Offline Events & Classes – Eventmie Pro Lifetime Deal

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Whether you’re organizing online events, classes, conferences and webinars, Eventmie Pro will help you handle it all. This tool has a bunch of features that will make the management process easier for you:

  • You’ll be able to sell tickets via multiple payment gateways for both free and paid events.
  • To manage your ticket holders, use the custom emails feature. You can also send automated emails to remind your users about upcoming events and notify them about event updates.
  • Create and manage unlimited organizers in your system, whether it’s a single organizer or multiple ones.
  • The platform is highly customizable—you can customize email templates, event pages, etc., as per your brand guidelines.
  • With Eventmie Pro’s full-featured mobile app (iOS/Android), you can offer contactless tickets to support safety measures during the pandemic.

Launch a self-hosted platform for Event management & selling on your own domain with Lifetime access

Eventmie Pro is a multi-organizer and multi-event online event ticketing management system. It comes with the front where organizers can manage their events, registrations, bookings & tickets.

All the data will be stored in your own database on your self-hosted server. You can install it on your existing WordPress websites too.

Eventmie Pro Lifetime Deal Pro is an online event registration software that allows you to sell tickets online for your event or webinar which includes zoom integration for virtual events that also provides Zoom Registration Links to attendees in the confirmation email after they purchase a ticket.

Start selling your events with ZERO commission & 100% PROFIT – Eventmie Pro Lifetime Deal

With Eventmie PRO, you can start selling your events with ZERO commission and 100% PROFIT. Forget all those event ticketing platforms which charge a crazy amount of money as ticketing fees. Eventmie PRO is an online event ticketing system that charges ZERO commission and ZERO booking fees. Create your own white-labeled and fully branded event website using the Eventmie PRO plugin & sell tickets for free.

The best part, you get to keep all the profit! You can save thousands of dollars every year by not paying any transaction or ticket booking fees to third-party vendors.

Unlimited users, events, tickets… get full source-code (fully open-source and no code encryption)

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have great tools at hand to do your job. Without the right equipment, even the most skilled workman will spend more time and energy trying to make up for lost time than actually getting things done. That’s why it’s such an advantage when software comes along that can take care of all your event ticketing needs.

Eventmie Pro is a terrific multi-organizational online event ticketing management system that helps you grow your online event business by automating online event bookings, scheduling, registration, and selling event tickets. But wait—there’s more! This handy software provides unlimited users, events and tickets (with full source code), free installation support on your web hosting (no code encryption), in addition to its many other features.

Now that you know what Eventmie Pro can do for you and why it’s so effective at helping businesses like yours thrive in today’s marketplace, it’s time to bring this powerful tool onboard.

Everything you need to streamline the event planning process through automation

Today we are going to review a WordPress plugin that helps you automate the event planning process. You’ll be able to seamlessly streamline the event ticket booking process with your clients, using Eventmie Pro at no extra cost for features like fully-automated bookings, scheduling, registration & selling of tickets.

Eventmie Pro is all you need to grow your online event business. It lets you create immersive experiences with a built-in micro-communication system & automated tools.

Grow Your Online Event Business

With all the new tech and social media platforms, what was once an offline experience has now become an easy way to connect with people all over the world through immersive events and conferences. You can benefit from growing your online event business by increasing traffic and visibility, brand awareness, customer loyalty, building trust in the marketplace and generating leads & sales. The best part about starting an online event business is that it’s cheaper than running an offline event business because there are no physical locations required! All these things can add up quickly over time if done correctly so let’s take a look at how we could make this happen together!

Unlimited users, events, tickets… get full source-code (fully open-source and no code encryption)

  • Unlimited users, events, tickets… Get full source-code (fully open-source and no code encryption).

You’re going to get a fully-functional script that you can install on your server without any limitations. You can use it for your customers or clients as many times as you want. Moreover, the developer is providing an unlimited license key so that you never have to worry about renewing the product.

  • It’s self-hosted so you’ll have full control of your data.

The software allows you to host it on your own server so that all of your data remains with you and in your control at all times. It is developed with Laravel and VueJS which allows easy customization if required.

Eventmie Pro – Online Event Ticketing System features

Eventie Pro is an easy-to-use event ticketing system that provides a host with the tools to run, submit and track all their upcoming events. The software has been designed with the best tools for event management and supply chain management, giving you complete control of your events by allowing you to set up online or virtual ticket, vendor and venue rental services.

Events on Eventie Pro are available 24/7 globally via Web browser (Chrome, Safari & Firefox) as well as mobile applications for iPhone & Android. The software is also optimized in a way so that it runs well on any device, from laptops to tablets and smartphones.

Global Usability

It doesn’t matter where your audience is based; you can easily host or join an event right from the comfort of your home! Just log in to Eventmie Pro, and connect with people all over the world in a few clicks.

Event means different things to different people. Eventmie Pro understands this and provides flexibility when it comes to hosting an event. You can customize your event frequency, share the right information with different types of attendees, and turn one-time events into recurring ones.

Extra Responsive & Friendly UI, optimized for a mobile-first experience

Eventmie Pro is built with the latest version of Bootstrap 4. It is a fully responsive, optimized for a mobile-first experience, and fully customizable event ticket booking system.Features like a responsive & friendly UI, high performance, better security, and high flexibility make Eventmie Pro the most advanced and reliable event management software.With Eventmie Pro anyone can create their own event listing & registration website in minutes!

Online/Virtual Events & Classes

Moreover, you can use Eventmie Pro to create online events for your online classes, webinars, and meetings. There are event organizers who would love to create online events or virtual classes and charge users for them.

Eventmie Pro allows you to do that with their Online/Virtual Events & Classes feature. You can allow your event organizers to create and manage their own virtual events and charge users for them. You can even set up a commission payment structure so the website owner gets a share of the ticket price whenever an event organizer sells tickets on their site.

You can allow your event organizers to add links in their online event details page where they could redirect users who buy tickets from them. So, if an organizer wants to redirect a user to a Zoom meeting link after buying tickets from him, he/she could easily do that using Eventmie Pro’s Online Events feature.

Host a Multi-Vendor Event Platform

With this, you can create an online event booking platform like Eventbrite. You can also let other people sell their tickets on your platform by enabling the multi-vendor system.

As an event organizer, you can use your own subdomain to host your events. For example, if your main website is myeventhostingwebsite.com and you have a conference in New York City, you can have the URL nyc.myeventhostingwebsite.com to host the NYC conference subdomain on your site or something similar to it according to your own preference. This will give a unique identity for each of the events that are hosted on your website which is beneficial for branding purposes as well as search engine ranking optimization (SEO).

EventMie Pro’s multi-vendor system allows unlimited vendors to sell tickets through its EventMie Pro WordPress plugin via separate vendor dashboards and individual storefronts so that they don’t need to maintain separate websites for selling their tickets online and share a part of their commission with you later when they start making money from their ticket sales – win-win situation!

Integrated Ticket Scanner

As you’re likely aware, it’s a lot easier to scan a QR code than to manually enter in the registration number. This is especially helpful for event organizers with large events or conferences. With Eventmie Pro, they won’t have to comb through a long list of names or numbers; they can just quickly read the QR code and mark the person as checked-in on the system. It’s both faster and more reliable than manual entry, which can be an issue at large events where there are hundreds of attendees. The check-in process would be that much slower if each attendee had to wait while their registration number was looked up by hand. Not only would it take longer, but there could also be some hiccups along the way with typos and misheard digits being entered into the system incorrectly.

To encourage attendees to check in as soon as possible (and prevent any backups from forming), Eventmie Pro offers up several incentives for doing so: if someone checks in early, they’ll get priority access over those who haven’t yet checked in; additionally, organizers can set up discounts on their swag shop for anyone who checks in before X time during the day of your event.

Setup. Publish. Promote. Make your event a success

It takes a few minutes to set up your event and start selling tickets online. You can reap the benefits of Eventmie Pro in no time.

  • Set up: Create events, add schedule/ speaker details, and specify prices
  • Publish: Sell tickets with an easy checkout process. You can even embed your event on any website too
  • Promote: Share events via social channels like Facebook to help you get the word out

Customize Event Frequency

An important feature of an event management system is the ability to schedule recurring events. This can be helpful for many reasons.

Consider a weekly community meeting or daily office hours at a startup incubator. If these types of recurring events are not available, event creators need to create new events each time manually, which can be quite tedious, especially if your organization has many recurring events per day and/or week.

Recurring event features solve this problem by creating automated scheduled copies of existing events that repeat on a regular basis.

  • Daily: Events that repeat every day (e.g.: office hours)
  • Weekly: Events that repeat once every 7 days (e.g.: group language classes)
  • Monthly: Events that repeat on specific dates each month (e.g.: monthly investment workshop)
  • Yearly: Events that repeat on the same date each year (e.g.: annual holiday celebration)

Eventmie Pro allows you to set up all of the above as well as other custom recurring schedules such as biweekly or semiannually/biannually, so you can schedule all kinds of recurring events without having to duplicate them every time they occur!

Trouble-Free Checkout Process

Eventmie Pro offers a seamless checkout process that is built to make it easier for your customers to purchase tickets. With a few clicks of their mouse, they can buy tickets without being required to register or login. No unnecessary information is asked during the checkout process.

This feature is also very useful in reducing cart abandonment during the purchase process. The single page checkout allows your customers to quickly complete their payments and then head on to receive their tickets either via email or by printing them out at home. Speaking of payment, Eventmie Pro supports two major online payment gateways; PayPal and Stripe which are hugely popular among online shoppers and widely used across different eCommerce sites worldwide.

Auto-generated PDF Ticket with QrCode

Email automation for sold tickets is a great feature. Eventmie Pro sends automated emails for sold tickets which include the order summary, ticket type, venue details, and even a PDF ticket with a QR code. It’s very convenient for event organizers as they can sit back and relax while the system does its work.

The PDF ticket contains all the information an organizer would need to fulfill the order; it includes personal details like user name, email id and contact number of the buyer; order summary like total amount paid and payment method used; event information like name of the event, date & time along with venue address and even has a map location that helps attendees find their way to their destination easily.

The PDF ticket is auto-generated when the ticket is sold but if you want to resend it later on then you can do that too by navigating to Order tab in your website dashboard where you’ll find all orders listed in one place. If you wish to refund any specific order then that’s possible too! Just click on any particular order from this list and change the status from “Paid” to “Refunded”. You can download invoices for paid orders or view them online by clicking on either option next to each listed item in Orders tab.

Multiple Booking Configurations

Eventmie Pro is an online event ticketing management system for your WordPress site. It enables you to sell tickets for multiple events on your website. It’s designed for anyone who wants to build and grow their online event business; from small businesses to large-scale organizations and corporations.

This product takes care of everything you need to automate your online event bookings, scheduling, registration, and selling event tickets.

You can manage multiple organizers under one account with this feature, which is great for agencies or freelancers who want a self-service app that empowers all their clients to manage their own bookings.

Organizer Earnings

This section allows you to see the list of earnings based on all transactions. It also has a feature called “Organizer Payout Transfer” wherein organizers can request payout transfers directly from their dashboard.

There is also a “Admin Commission” section which shows you how much the admin can earn by providing this service to customers.

Organizer Earnings

You can choose to configure the organizer earnings from the ticket sales. You can even set to pay ‘no commission’ for the sales made by organizers. Also, you can set a flat amount or percentage of each ticket sold as an organizer fee. In addition, you can reward organizers for every new user registration done using their referral link. You just have to define the amount/percentage that will be paid to them on every new user registration using their referral link or code.

Admin Commission & Organizer Payout Transfer

You receive the commission after deducting it from the organizer earnings and transfer it either manually or automatically via PayPal payment gateway. The option is available in your admin panel dashboard where you can select the mode of payment transfer – manual or automatic and make changes accordingly.

Event tags help you categorize events based upon their type and the kind of audience they are intended for. These tags are displayed on each event page below its title so that users get a fair idea about what to expect from an event before registering for it. There is also a convenient search bar with auto-suggestions based on these tags which helps users find a desired event easily in a short time span rather than browsing through several pages of listings as may happen otherwise.

Event Tags

Eventmie Pro makes it easy to add event tags. This allows you to organize and filter events by category, topic, or any other tag that you want. You can set up this feature in the

Earn From Sponsors

  • You can create a dedicated multi-organization Online Event Ticketing System for Event Planning & management
  • Whether you want to run the event online or offline, this is the perfect system for you. You can even use this platform to launch your own classes and groups.
  • With lifetime access to the software, you will be able to launch a self-hosted platform for Event management & selling on your own domain with Lifetime access

Adjust settings like commission rates, default currency, timezone, language, and more

You can adjust these settings by clicking on the Settings tab in the dashboard. There you can specify commission rates, default currency, timezone, language and more.

Toggle Multi-Vendor

Toggle Multi-Vendor option:

If you want to sell tickets for online and offline events, classes, workshops, webinars, meetups etc. of multiple vendors on your site and take a commission from the sales of each vendor then you can use this feature. If it is enabled then multiple vendors can sign up on your site and create their own event listing but here you have to manually approve each event as an admin.

Manage and sell events in multiple currencies:

As we said earlier that Eventmie Pro supports multi-currency so as a vendor it will be very helpful for them to sell their events in different currencies as per their choice because sometimes the local currency may not be suitable for some people. Here they can change the currency on one click by using the dropdown menu.

Earn From Sponsors

In addition to the revenue you’ll earn from tickets, sponsors can also help you cover your event’s expenses and generate income for yourself. EventMie Pro offers multiple solutions that allow you to not only obtain sponsorship but also manage and deliver value to them.

To find sponsors, there are a few ways that EventMie Pro helps you streamline the process:

  • You can post sponsorship opportunities on the event website under a dedicated section of its own.
  • Your website includes fields where potential sponsors can submit their contact info and details about the sponsorship they’re interested in providing. This information is sent directly to the event organizer’s inbox, making it easy to sort through potential donors.

Event Tags Profiles

Eventmie Pro – Online Event Ticketing System features

  • Global Usability, with support for all currencies and languages!
  • Extra Responsive & Friendly UI, optimized for a mobile-first experience!
  • Online/Virtual Events & Classes! (You can host live streams of your events)
  • Host a Multi-Vendor Event Platform! (And get paid for it!)
  • Integrated Ticket Scanner! (Scan QR Codes to validate event tickets
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