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EyeValuate gives you a reliable roadmap for improving the design. Based on their findings from thousands of clients across different industries and geographies, they’ve created an advanced scoring system that can help marketers optimize their websites, landing pages, advertising campaigns and more.

EyeValuate combines predictive eye-tracking, a behavioural science-based scoring system and feedback from our expert panel of marketers to help your brand attract more users and use fewer resources using predictive eye-tracking technology. No guesswork required

Meet EyeValuate Lifetime deal

What is EyeValuate?

It’s a design optimization platform that combines predictive eye-tracking, a behavioural science-based scoring system, and feedback from our expert panel of marketers.

EyeValuate allows you to test your designs in the real world before launching them globally on your website or in marketing campaigns. Get real insights from users and see how they react to ads or other visuals with intuitive visual analytics and reports.

You can upload images of advertising material, digital assets, websites, or landing pages to get actionable insight into how people are viewing and reacting to these elements.

EyeValuate Lifetime deal Features

Create scientifically-proven designs

The EyeValuate team has years of experience when it comes to visual communication and the science of eye-tracking. They will help you find the best design for your needs, while also reducing revision cycles.

This allows you to have an objective second opinion on your projects before they go live, effectively making sure you use fewer resources to increase conversions.

So if you are looking for a design optimization platform that uses eye-tracking technology to create scientifically-proven designs that will help you increase conversions and product satisfaction – then EyeValuate is for you!

If you’re new to eye tracking, allow me to explain what it is: A device tracks a person’s eye movements as they look at something, like a website or image.

As the user looks at this thing, the device records where their eyes are focused and for how long.

The data collected can then be analyzed by software in order to scientifically determine what parts of the website or image were most visually engaging.

The reason why this is useful is that it gives the researcher a much more objective view of what’s happening than if they just asked someone verbally about it.

Insights into how people engage with visual information

  • Seeing how people engage with your brand new digital billboard to ensure you’re getting the most out of advertising
  • Optimizing digital & print advertisements to capture and hold the attention
  • Determining which digital ads are effective
  • Optimizing your website to increase engagement and conversion rates

Brainstorming new ideas or concepts

Brainstorming new ideas or concepts and then designing eye-catching advertisements to capture the attention of potential customers is a major part of any marketing campaign.

We all know the effectiveness of a good advertisement, but how can we make sure we get it right? The key is to think outside the box.

Don’t just follow the trends; be bold and try something new. By doing so, you will attract more customers than ever before

EyeValuate helps you achieve this goal by providing an interactive platform that allows users to create their own ads using templates, graphics and text.

EyeValuate also offers a variety of filters including colour scheme selection tools as well as advanced features such as animated GIFs which are perfect for social media posts

Developing effective company websites

Through their platform, you can:

  • Analyze company websites and landing pages.
  • Use predictive heat maps to see the most prominent elements of your pages.
  • Learn how users view and scroll through your page, so you know what they will notice first.
  • Know where users will click, so you can make sure that the important elements are on the homepage.

Designing user interfaces

  • The importance of usability for medical devices
  • Medical devices have unique requirements and challenges. A failure to design these systems carefully can lead to serious injury or death.
  • For example, a patient with Schizophrenia died because the dosage information on their syringe was hard to read.
  • An example of a medical device that has been improved by usability testing
  • DoseCalc is used in over 200 hospitals in the UK to reduce the incidence of medication errors when administering intravenous medications.
  • It was developed after a nurse gave an incorrect dose of insulin and it led to a patient dying from hypoglycemia during an overnight stay at the hospital.
  • A usability test revealed that nurses did not understand how the product calculated certain dosages, so developers made changes and re-released it as DoseCalc Plus. It has since been used safely for millions of administrations, avoiding unnecessary harm or death in patients who needed these medications but could be harmed if they received too little or too much of them.

Analyzing direct mail pieces

If you’re advertising with print materials, such as mailers or fliers, eye-tracking data can help to ensure that your content is being engagingly read.

The science has been around for nearly a century; the technology has improved significantly in recent years, to the point where it is readily available to individuals and small businesses.

This process involves using a high-tech camera to track the movement of people’s eyes throughout their reading experience in order to see what they are reading and where they are spending their time while perusing the page.

One interesting feature of this method is that it can show where people looked on the page before reading any particular word. a feature that tells you how much time each person spent looking at each word before actually reading it.

The eye-tracking results from the analysis also include heatmaps showing exactly which words people looked at and for how long, as well as gaze plots revealing which path each person took through the document when reading it for the first time.

With this information, marketers may gain insights into whether specific design elements are distracting or intriguing enough to warrant further investigation by consumers who might be interested in purchasing their products or services down line.”

Optimizing sales packaging for products

Optimizing sales packaging for products in stores by understanding how customers visually engage with information presented on the product packaging.

EyeValuate provides you with the tools and insights to help your brand attract more users and use fewer resources using predictive eye tracking technology. It will allow you to:

  • Reduce revisions, validate your designs, and set yourself apart from the competition with a state-of-the-art design optimization platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you understand how consumers are engaging with your content. Our software is designed to make it easy for any company or individual who wants an edge in creating better marketing materials through eye tracking analysis. This can include anything from eBooks and online articles all the way up to billboards or TV spots!

EyeValuate helps your brand attract more users

EyeValuate is a design optimization platform that combines predictive eye-tracking, a behavioral science-based scoring system, and feedback from our expert panel of marketers to deliver actionable insights.

We know what makes people click on ads and websites. Our results are based on millions of user interactions with your ads, products, articles and websites. We collect data directly from the retina using Tobii’s patented eye tracking technology.

What you get back is raw data that tells you how to attract more users using fewer resources in less time at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional focus groups and surveys.

Reduce revisions, validate your designs

  • Reduce the number of revisions to your design.
  • Use predictive eye-tracking to validate your designs.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition.

design optimization platform 

EyeValuate is a design optimization platform used by companies to optimize designs. If you have a product that needs optimizing, or if your company wants to continue optimizing designs for as long as possible, then EyeValuate is the product for you.

EyeValuate Lifetime deal final words

EyeValuate is a design optimization platform that combines predictive eye-tracking, a behavioral science-based scoring system, and feedback from our expert panel of marketers. You can use EyeValuate to optimize your website pages and user experience.

It will give you the deep insights you need to make the best decisions for your conversions.

It uses machine learning algorithms to predict where visitors will look on your site, what’s likely to catch their attention, and how they’re going to interact with it.

EyeValuate helps you improve your copywriting by optimizing for readability and persuasiveness based on word choices that have been shown in research to be most effective at influencing behavior.

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