Fireapis Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Build a no-code backend for APIs, webhooks

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Are you trying to get a head-start building your backend? Fireapis is a no-code backend platform that lets you build APIs, hook into 3rd party services, and create webhooks without writing a single line of code. Stop wasting energy and money on developers, Use Fireapis today and never worry about development again!

Fireapis Appsumo Lifetime Deal provides developers with the tools they need to build powerful backend web services without the need to write any code. You can create APIs, webhooks, and third-party API integrations in a matter of minutes using Fireapis.

Simply select the environment where you’ll add the API and fill in the details for the name, URL field, type, and description. Fireapis supports all the cloud providers you know with simple integrations. You can test your newly built APIs locally with our integrated Sandbox. Use your new APIs from a wide variety of clients like PHP, Java, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, or even ones written in other languages. If you create any cool new APIs make sure to let us know.

Meet Fireapis Lifetime Deal

What is Fireapis Lifetime deal?

Fireapis Lifetime Deals helps you build APIs without writing a single line of code. It’s easy to set up and integrate into any backend technology. You can create an API in minutes and focus on the client-side while APIs are built for the new or existing app, service, and website. Fireapis works with you to develop the best solution that is tailored to your needs. With Fireapis, you don’t have to be a backend engineer to build custom APIs in minutes

  1. Environment-focused concepts: Fireapis builds APIs for different businesses using individual environment-focused concepts. This allows businesses to tailor their APIs to their specific needs.
  2. Separate logs for requests and activity: Fireapis keeps separate logs for requests and activity. This makes it easy to track and troubleshoot API problems.
  3. Add custom logic: Fireapis allows businesses to add custom logic to their APIs. This makes it possible to build APIs for special use cases.
  4. Fast and easy setup: Fireapis is fast and easy to set up. This makes it a good choice for businesses that want to set up backend development faster with fewer resources.

What Fireapis do for you?

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With Fireapis, you can build a basic API without writing any code. After logging in, the service presents you with two choices: API Builder and Custom Code. The API Builder lets you create an API from a user interface that requires no programming knowledge.

The API Builder option uses a selection of preset templates to quickly generate an API for different use cases such as interacting with databases or fetching data from third-party APIs. To interact with another app’s API, enter your key and select a method from the dropdown menu. Set up your request parameters if necessary and press Run to get the results of your query.

If you want more control over how your data is processed, Fireapis provides a custom editor where you can use Javascript to map between requests and responses. You are also able to decide which authentication method should be used by choosing between Basic Authentication and Token Authentication on the Auth tab of the custom editor.

Fireapis Appsumo Lifetime Deals Features

Fireapis created a simple and intuitive dashboard to help you get started with Fireapis in no time. Besides, the Fireapis dashboard has a lot of innovative tools and features that make it easy for users to create complex and powerful backends for their apps within minutes. Here are some of the most useful ones:

  • RESTful APIs: Fireapis comes with an inbuilt list of Rest APIs that you can use right away to build your backend without writing any code or worrying about server-side security.
  • Interactive API Playground: Fireapis allows you to build APIs by designing models using an interactive UI. You can try out the different endpoints and see how your models are being used in real-time. The interactive API playground makes it easier for both developers and non-technical users to build APIs faster than ever before.
  • Field Validations: With Fireapis, you can add validations on all fields on your model, such as required field validation, minimum/maximum length validation, maximum number validation, etc., in a few clicks.
  • Explore GraphQL: Another great thing about the Fireapis dashboard is that it supports both traditional RESTful APIs as well as the more modern GraphQL standard. When building a backend with RESTful APIs, there might be too many endpoints that could result in versioning issues later on. However, with GraphQL, you only have one endpoint which returns everything your application needs at once. Hence this standard is considered cleaner and more efficient than traditional REST architecture when building modern web applications today.
  • GraphQL Query Explorer: You can easily explore your GraphQL queries with this tool on the dashboard so that making changes to existing queries becomes simpler. This comes in handy, especially when adding new fields or updating types of existing fields directly from the UI itself without having to worry about breaking anything else in your query or other parts of your application stack

Fireapis vs no-code backend platforms

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In this sense, Fireapis differs from no-code backend platforms like Bubble, Webflow, and Airtable. These tools are essentially a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to build a web app or website.

As such, they come with a lot of elements that “no-code” implies – design and product management tools, analytics and user testing capabilities built-in, etc. But they don’t handle the backend at all. You’re on your own if you want to build an API for it or integrate it with another app. In contrast, Fireapis is entirely focused on the backend.

It’s also different from some other no-code API builders like Strapi – once again because it doesn’t include any of the frontend frills that Strapi does (a dashboard for building content types). Instead, it focuses entirely on giving you complete control over your API – which is great if you know what you’re doing but could be overwhelming for some people who just want to get something working quickly without worrying about fiddling with settings

So. Should you use Fireapis?

While Fireapis is remarkably easy to use and comes with a free plan, it isn’t for everybody. If you want to build an app entirely from scratch and customize every aspect of its design, this may not be the service for you. But if you want to reduce the time it takes to build your app or add functionality, or if you want to save money on hiring a developer, or if you want to build an app with no code, Fireapis may be worth trying out.

If you want to quickly build APIs, webhooks, and third-party API integrations, then Fireapis is perfect for you. If you already have a backend team and know how to code in Node.js or Python, then you might not benefit as much from this platform. In other words, if the idea of dragging and dropping database fields onto your web page sounds like something that will save you time when developing your app, then Fireapis is an obvious choice.

Fireapis Appsumo lifetime deal

Firebase is a backend platform that allows you to develop, test, and deploy your app. Firebase is a Google service that lets you build efficient, scalable applications by providing out-of-the-box features like security, user management, and more. Firebase gives you an introduction to everything you need to get started with building your application backend.

Right Now, In Appsumo You Fireapis Get Lifetime deal only for 59 dollars for a limited time that Included

License Tier 1: The one-time purchase of $59.00 includes all of the features above plus 100,000 requests per month, 5 GB of database storage, and 45 days of log retention.

License Tier 2:The above purchase is a one-time payment of $119.00 which includes 1M requests per month, 15 GB of database storage, and 90 days of log retention.

License Tier 3:You can make a one-time purchase of $179.00 to get all of the features above, including 2M requests per month, 100 GB of database storage, and 90 days of log retention.

SSL encryptions

Marketplace APIs

Webhooks configuration

Integrations (Stripe and Notion)


GraphQL query explorer

GraphQL code exporter

Build and manage REST APIs with no code

Interactive API playground

Field validations

Pagination for APIs

And many other features. Cheek out here

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Fireapis lifetime deal and Review conclusion

Overall, Fireapis is a great no-code backend platform that can help you build APIs, webhooks, and third-party API integrations quickly and easily. If you’re looking for an alternative to Xano, or if you need to build custom APIs for special use cases, Fireapis is definitely worth considering.

Fireapis lifetime deal

Q: What is Fireapis?

A: Fireapis is a no-code backend platform that lets you build APIs, webhooks, and third-party API integrations in way less time.

Q: How does Fireapis compare to Xano?

A: Fireapis is an alternative to Xano. It is best for SMBs, startups, and developers that want to set up backend development faster with fewer resources.

Q: What are some of the features of Fireapis?

A: Fireapis lets you add custom logic and build APIs for special use cases. It is also easy to use and lets you get started quickly.

How does Fireapis work?

Fireapis works by connecting to your data sources and automating the process of creating APIs, webhooks, and integrations. This means that you can focus on building your app, rather than spending time on backend development.

What are the benefits of using Fireapis?

  • There are many benefits of using Fireapis, including:-You can build APIs faster and with fewer resources
  • You can focus on building your app rather than backend development
  • You can easily connect to third-party services and data sources
  • You can add custom logic and build APIs for special use cases
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