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LoudDoc is a cloud application that lets you to create branded content by adding audio and video notations to your presentations, newsletters, or brochures. With LoudDoc, you are able to track real-time user engagement analytics and build trust with clients by allowing them to listen to your documents when they are unable to read them.

Meet LoudDoc Lifetime Deal

Who is LoudDoc for?

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LoudDoc is ideal for anyone who needs to share files with others, whether they’re a small business owner or a student in need of a way to send teacher comments on assignments. The app also makes it easy for teams and organizations to collaborate by sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations with one another. For example, you can easily share a PowerPoint presentation with your teammates or colleagues so everyone can see an update on the status of a project at work.

LoudDoc is also great for freelancers who are looking for an affordable alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive as well as content creators who create videos and podcasts regularly but don’t have the budget to pay for premium storage plans anymore.

How does it work?

The LoudDoc Lifetime Deal is simple and straightforward. You just upload a file, narrate a page, share the LoudDoc and repeat. It’s as easy as that!

You can create your own digital book in less than 60 minutes with this amazing tool.

LoudDoc Lifetime Deal Features

Turn any file into a LoudDoc

LoudDocs are easy to create. Any file you can open on your computer or iPad can be turned into a LoudDoc. Just open the file and double-click on the green Publish button in the top right corner.

If you want to use your own voice, just click on the microphone icon in the bottom right corner of any page and start narrating! You can customize narration settings for each page so that it sounds how you want it to.

You can also add audio files from iTunes and other music libraries along with any text documents or PDFs you have saved on your computer. Or if there’s an online resource that would make an awesome LoudDoc.

Customize your narration settings for each page

You can use your webcam to record your narration or upload a file from your computer. Once you’ve recorded, you can re-record it as many times as you want. You can also add video or audio narration to any page in order to personalize your content.

Share with dedicated, branded links that work on any device

LoudDoc is an online platform that allows users to create, share and manage digital documents. It has a simple interface with no unnecessary features that can distract from your work. In fact, the only notable feature of LoudDoc is its ability to share documents in various ways, which makes it the perfect fit for any business owner looking to streamline their workflow.

To share your documents with clients or colleagues, you can use a dedicated link that works on any device as well as customizes your branded landing page for each document. Additionally, you have access to social media options including Facebook Messenger and Twitter DMs so you can reach anyone without leaving the app’s interface.

Add personalized context to your documents.

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Add personalized context to your documents with video and audio narration via webcam or file upload.

Add links, videos, and slideshows to your pages. You can also enhance your presentations with animated notations.

Share LoudDocs via landing pages, embed codes, and social media. Customize your LoudDocs and share them via social media, email or dedicated landing page.

Invite others to narrate pages

Do you want to share your LoudDocs with others, but don’t want them to create an account? LoudDoc has developed a way for you to invite anyone on the web to narrate pages of your PDF documents.

No account is needed. This is perfect for educators and other professionals who need people who aren’t on their team or organization, like clients or customers.

Collaborate on content and maintain your branding across documents.

  • Add collaborators to your document. When you add a collaborator, they must have an account and be invited to the document before they can edit it. You can invite them through email or text message or share the link with them on social media. They can also create their own LoudDoc account from within the app if you prefer not to give out your personal information.
  • Collaborators must have access to the document in order for their changes to appear after editing. If someone else has already edited it since you did, then there will be multiple versions of each file saved as drafts until one is chosen as final
  • Collaborators have access only when editing features are enabled on documents; voice recordings cannot be edited by anyone other than yourself

Manage access to your LoudDocs with password protection

You can also manage access to your LoudDocs with password protection. This will allow you to use a password to restrict access to specific LoudDoc pages. In addition, if someone is accessing one of your LoudDocs and they forget the page they’re supposed to be on, you can remind them what page they need by sending an email notification reminding them where they are in their workbook.

Enhancing your presentations with animated notations

LoudDocs are interactive, and using them to enhance your presentations is easy. You can add links, videos, and slideshows to your pages. The power of this feature comes in its ability to share LoudDocs via landing pages, embed codes, and social media.

Add links, videos, and slideshows to your pages

You can also add links, videos, and slideshows to your pages. This is a great way to engage your visitors and keep them reading. For example, you could include a link to a video of yourself talking about how to get started with LoudDoc or even add some text explaining more about the program.

It’s important that you don’t use all this space just for ads though! If you give people a lot of empty white space with nothing but ads on it, then they’ll probably leave quickly because they won’t be interested in what you’re selling.

Share LoudDocs via landing pages, embed codes, and social media

How to share LoudDocs?

  • Share via landing pages: You can share your LoudDocs via landing pages, that is, by creating a landing page and embedding the LoudDoc on this page. The advantage of this approach is that you have full control over who sees your content and how many times they see it. But there are some disadvantages too. it’s hard work! And if you want people to visit your new page, you’ll also need a good reason for them to do so…
  • Share via embed codes: You can also share LoudDocs using embed codes – just copy-paste one into an email or post on social media. This is easy but not very flexible because once people start sharing your content they’ll be stuck with whatever code they’ve used unless they remember its URL

Customize your LoudDocs

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LoudDocs are interactive, personalized documents that can be customized with your own logo, colours, and fonts. They’re also shareable and can be sent via social media or email.

LoudDocs have real-time notifications that tell you who is viewing the document. You can connect your LoudDoc to your Google Analytics account so you’ll know exactly which pages are being viewed most often.

Leverage real-time, per-page engagement tracking

These are the real-time notifications for the sales team. When a customer clicks on your ad, you can tell your sales teams to stand by—and they’ll know exactly when someone is interested in their offer.

The first time I used LoudDoc was a year ago. I thought that it would be useless but after using it, there are many things that I realized about my customers and their behaviour patterns on my website. This helps me in improving content and sales strategy as well as customer experience.

Get real-time customer engagement notifications analytics

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LoudDoc is a software platform that allows users to add audio, video, and text notations to presentations, newsletters, or brochures in order to build trust with clients and customers. With LoudDoc you can share documents via branded links that are tracked with real-time user engagement analytics, enabling you to engage prospects with fresh content while they’re reading your document.

LoudDoc Appsumo lifetime deal Pricing

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Edit existing LoudDocs

Your domain and branding

1-minute narration per page

Real-time activity notices

Unlimited collections

Real-time feedback button

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LoudDoc Review Final Words

LoudDoc is an excellent tool for demand gen and leads nurturing gurus who want to accelerate client relationships with confidence-building materials. The ability to add audio and video notations to your presentations, newsletters, and brochures build trust with clients. Additionally, the ability to share documents with branded links and track real-time user engagement analytics is extremely valuable.

LoudDoc Review FAQ

1) What is LoudDoc?

LoudDoc is a service that allows you to create interactive, easily distributable web documents enhanced with audio and video notations.

2) How does LoudDoc work?

LoudDoc allows you to personalize your marketing content by creating interactive, easily distributable web documents enhanced with audio and video notations.

3) What are the benefits of using LoudDoc?

LoudDoc allows you to build trust with clients by providing them with confidence-building materials that are easy to distribute and engage with.

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