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Clickmajic Background Remover is a web-based image editor that allows you to remove the backgrounds from your images in just seconds. Unlike photoshop, Clickmajic uses advanced AI to remove image backgrounds with just one click. Faster and easier than Photoshop!

Removing the backgrounds from your images is a long, manual, and frustrating process.

You’ll have to set up your computer to optimally edit your images, figure out how photoshop works, construct the perfect mask, export the file in a way that it looks good, and then use FTP to upload that image onto your web server. Boring and tedious, right?

The solution: Use Clickmajic Background Remover. It’s fast, easy to use, and allows you to save time. The entire removal process takes 1-2 minutes depending on the photo and never confuses the background with the foreground.

Clickmajic Background Remover is a web-based image editor that allows you to remove the backgrounds from your images in just seconds, unlike Photoshop it’s super fast and easy to use Clickmajic uses advanced AI to remove backgrounds from pictures with just one click.

Say hello to Clickmajic

What is Clickmajic ?

Clickmajic is a web-based image editor that allows anyone to professionally edit images and remove backgrounds. Unlike Photoshop or other software, it’s super fast and easy to use and it only takes one click to remove the background of an image. Clickmajic uses advanced AI to automatically detect and remove backgrounds. Clickmajic allows you to instantly add any background colour, white or transparent background, or even a custom image saved on your computer.

A few years ago, I was working as a graphic designer for a local agency in my hometown. One of the most common tasks I had to do every day was to remove the background from product images.

When you have hundreds of images to edit and place on a web page, this can be extremely time-consuming.

The more images you have to edit, the more time it takes. It’s a boring and tedious task. I wish I got a tool like this time

Why You should use Clickmajic

Save time & money

No more hours wasted selecting fiddley pixels or costs for designers working in photoshop.

100% Automatic & fast

Upload an image to the Clickmajic site and the company’s software will cut out the background for you in just a few seconds—saving you a lot of time and effort in the process.

Sell more products with a white background

Ecommerce operators typically choose a white background for a website because it highlights their product offerings and is easier on the eyes.

Time to get creative

Choose between a white background, a transparent background, or a colourful background, and upload your own custom background too.

How does it work?

Step 1. Sign up for your free clickmajic account

Registering with clickmajic is fast & easy! Simply choose a username, email address and password to start.

Step 2. Upload or paste your image

Upload an image from your computer or paste a link to an image on the web by clicking “Paste Image URL”.

Step 3. Download a free preview or HD image for 1 credit

After a few moments of processing, your image will be ready for download as a preview or high definition image.

If you’d like to download your image as an HD image, you’ll need to purchase credits. Otherwise, click “download” on the preview version of your background removed photo.

Clickmajic PitchGround lifetime deal 

Clickmajic Background Remover is the most accurate tool on the market.

Unlike other tools, Clickmajic Background Remover never overwrites your original image.

Clickmajic’s transparency feature lets you export your images with transparent backgrounds, and you can also choose from a range of custom colors or white backgrounds.

Clickmajic works in your browser, so there’s no need to download anything. You’ll get your background-free images within minutes.

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Clickmajic lifetime deal and Review conclusion

Clickmajic is a Web-based high-accuracy image background remover. Remove backgrounds from people, logos, cars, product photos, and more with industry-leading accuracy. Remove backgrounds from images in just seconds. It’s easier than Photoshop and it works in the browser! Join 180,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs and small business owners who save hundreds of hours each month removing backgrounds from images.

How many codes can I stack?

You can use a maximum of four codes per month, giving you a total of 120 image credits (30 credits per code)

Do you have a desktop app?

At the moment, the browser version is all we have. We have plans for a desktop application on our roadmap.

Do you have an API available?

In answer to your inquiry, yes every account has access to our API. The same credit limits apply. Please visit

How do you achieve such superior image quality and accuracy?

We’ve invested heavily in our image background removal technology. According to the results of an independent comparison conducted by Easy Logo Design, Clickmajic outperforms Adobe, Crello, and

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