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Macanta is a powerful no-code solution that functions as a custom CRM and process automation system for all your business needs. Macanta is the leading alternative to Salesforce for lawyers, accountants, and real estate businesses.

Most sales processes are time consuming and difficult to manage.

Salespeople have to spend time manually logging calls, follow-ups, shows and new orders. There are also gaps in the sales process that make it hard for salespeople to be able to track the success of a campaign.

Macanta is a simple and powerful no-code platform for creating custom CRMs and process automation systems for all your business needs. With Macanta you are able to organize contacts and track any sales activity in one place, so sales teams can focus on closing more deals.

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What is Macanta?

Macanta is a powerful no-code solution that functions as a custom CRM and process automation system for all your business needs. It’s like Salesforce, but better, because it’s cheaper and more customizable. Are you a lawyer? Macanta makes it easy to keep track of all your clients so you never miss an appointment or forget to send a bill. Are you an accountant? Macanta allows you to easily manage all client information, store files, and send statements. Are you in real estate? Macanta helps you manage all property information, perform required tasks, track goals and progress, and connect with clients. Save yourself time and money with Macanta today!

With our CRM, you can create a custom CRM for your business without writing a line of code.

With our easy-to-use automation tools, you can set up automated processes for your business quickly and easily. Our intuitive trigger conditions and trigger actions make it easy to get your business running smoothly.

Best for businesses that want to quickly manage and automate their workflows, including lawyers, accountants, and real estate professionals.

We love Macanta. It is simple to use, and makes managing contacts, and work flows extremely simple (removing the fluff that our clients don’t need). The support team is very responsive as well, and always willing to jump in and help get things set up just right. On top of that, they are constantly adding new features that make it even easier to use and more functional. Couldn’t be happier with Macanta.

Justin Roberts

I now recommend Macanta to my clients when they require advanced CRM systems. Our team at ON THE FUZE is LOVING Macanta! It has significantly sped up and simplified all outbound calls.

We also love how notes are now on steroids: ability to see the ENTIRE note (no longer cutoff), tag/organise notes…. For our clients, we are seeing HUGE value in being able to simplify the process….perfect for users that need to perform a specific job and limited access!

Nathan Paris

On The Fuze

Macanta Lifetime Deals Features

1. DATA OBJECTS: it’s important to create custom data objects to represent the information in your business. This will help you to keep track of your data more effectively and will make it easier to query and report on your data. In particular, you should create custom objects for Contacts

2. RELATIONSHIPS: Different people have different relationships to the data in your business. It is important to accurately represent those relationships in your CRM.

3. IF THIS THEN THAT AUTOMATION ENGINE: intuitive and powerful automation engine is made up of exactly the elements your business needs.

4. CONTACT NOTES AND TASKS: Track the progress and history of your contacts by applying notes. Assign tasks to your team based on the status of contact or user.

Macanta Appsumo lifetime deal 

Macanta is a powerful no-code solution that functions as a custom CRM and process automation system for all your business needs. With Macanta, you can customize your own CRM and tailor it to fit the needs of your small business or enterprise organization. Macanta is an alternative to Salesforce and other expensive CRM solutions—we provide a cost-effective way to automate your workflow. Get in touch with us today (link) to find out how Macanta can improve your business.

Macanta lifetime deal and Review conclusion

If you’re looking for a powerful CRM and process automation system that doesn’t require developer support, Macanta is the perfect solution for you. With our easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you can create custom workflows that fit your business needs. Plus, our data reporting and analytics capabilities will give you the insights you need to make informed decisions.

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