SheerSEO Lifetime deal and review

SheerSEO lifetime deal and Review

  • Rankings
  • Keyword Explorer
  • SEO Site Audit
  • Backlink Software
4.6/5Overall Score
  • Rank tracking of up to 200 keywords
  • Competitor research - Check how your competitors are doing their SEO
  • Competitor research - Check how your competitors are doing their SEO
  • CSV/PDF reports
  • Rank tracking of up to 200 keywords
  • You must redeem your code within 60 days of purchase

You need to rank higher in Google but have no idea what you are doing?

It is hard to find an easy to use, professional SEO software that was built for business owners as well as SEO pros.

SheerSEO is a powerful and easy-to-use software designed for both business owners and top-notch SEOs alike. With the support of our community manager, the plugin integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website and takes care of everything from keyword research to copywriting. Everyone wins.

Now, met SheerSEO

What is SheerSEO?

SheerSEO is an online SEO software that automates your SEO efforts.  Great for business owners who are professional SEOs, SheerSEO contains all the professional features of SEO software solutions. Want to identify technical SEO issues? Use our SEO audit tool. Get keyword ideas and estimate the number of visitors they will bring to your site. you need SheerSEO to make real progress with your Google rankings! Start today!

link building – Use directory submission and blog commenting to build backlinks to your site.

On-page SEO – Analyze technical SEO issues with an SEO audit. Find content ideas from competitors.

Keyword research – Get ideas for keywords related to your website, and estimate how many people visit those sites.

SheerSEO Features

Rank Tracking

SheerSEO uses AI to improve our website’s rankings in the major search engines. It’s easy to manage a small number of keywords, but as the number grows, it becomes difficult to remember each keyword’s ranking at a given point in time. Even more difficult to see the big picture. Our system finds rankings for multiple search terms in Google, YouTube, and Bing. This system will automatically collect data weekly or daily and save you time wasted gathering this information. You can choose to see the results on either Google, Bing, or YouTube by using the “Search Engine” combo box at the top of the screen.


Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer can provide several keyword suggestions by your competitors, related keywords to given keywords by Google Keyword Planner, or suggestions by Google Keyword Planner. All suggestions have useful information such as search volume, CPC, and keyword difficulty. It also has multiple filters to help build your final list of keywords.

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SEO Site Audit

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This feature scans your pages to detect errors. It highlights them on your page along with the page number where it occurred so you can easily find which one it is. Since there are usually more than one, it helps you filter and sort by severity and type. Once you decide to take an error into our system, we rescan the page to verify the fix was successful, and then verify the source code of your page has been fixed and updated. You can also watch the progress of your SEO project on our interface. 

Use Data from Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

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In advanced and professional accounts, It allow importing data from Google Analytics. This information allows you to show the real amount of visitors who resulted from organic search for each keyword tracked.


SheerSEO gathers a list of your site’s links and calls those inbound links that contribute the most value to your site.

Directory Submission Software

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SheerSEO main goal is to save your time, effort and money by making the process of submitting your website to all approved directories faster, easier and cheaper. It takes care of the boring parts of directory submission and helps you submit to directories that are most popular in online marketing and SEO.

SheerSEO appsumo  lifetime deal 

SheerSEO is an easy-to-use SEO software that automates many of your SEO efforts, like link building, rank tracking, and analysis. It contains all the professional features of other SEO software solutions at a fraction of the cost—but is designed also for business owners who are not professional SEOs!

SheerSEO lets you buy their deal for a lifetime for a very limited time.

One Time Purchase of $75.00 $380.00

  • as checkRank tracking of up to 200 keywords
  • as checkCompetitor research – Check how your competitors are doing their SEO
  • as checkSee their backlinks and main keywords
  • as checkCSV/PDF reports
  • as check2000 Pages crawled/month
  • as checkSite audits
  • as checkKeyword research
  • as checkGuarded backlinks

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SheerSEO lifetime deal and Review conclusion

SheerSEO offers a comprehensive online SEO software solution automatically ranking keywords, checking backlinks, and performing in-depth analysis on any website. Available on both desktop and smartphones, SheerSEO is built with business owners in mind so you don’t have to be an expert to use SheerSEO. Start today and make real progress towards your end goals!

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