Marketing can take a lot of time, energy and money. Even then, sometimes, customers might not convert to a website.

This results in wasted time and resources.

switchboard Canvas is designed as visual software to create multiple images from one responsive template. It uses an intuitive web-based design tool that allows you to connect it to productivity tools like Airtable and Integrately to automate the image creation process. With all of that automation, you save time and ultimately, money for your business.

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Switchboard Canvas is an API-driven image and video creation platform for digital marketers and creators who want to save time with automation. More than just an image editor, our drag-and-drop builder saves you time by automatically producing hundreds of variations for images for social media and more. But that’s not all. With our built-in video creator, you can create professional-looking videos without editing software or video templates—all in one interface.Try Switchboard Canvas today!

What is Switchboard Canvas?

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Switchboard Canvas is an API-driven tool that allows users to create multiple images and videos from a responsive template. Create images, slideshows and videos with a drag-and-drop interface for optimal productivity. Connect Switchboard Canvas to Airtable, Pabbly, and Integrately to automate content creation. More importantly, Switchboard Canvas can help you save thousands of dollars through automation and integrate it with your existing projects.

-Create multiple images and videos from one responsive template BannerBear to save time on image and video production.

-Best for social media marketers, bloggers, and advertisers who want to save time on image and video production.

-Save hours by automating your image and video content production.

-Alternative to BannerBear for those who want to save time on image and video production.

Pricing Plans Of Switchboard Canvas


  • Twitter Images
  • QR codes
  • Translate into 70+ languages (all future languages included)
  • LUT support
  • Template designer
  • Airtable integration
  • Image and video overlay

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Switchboard Canvas AI LifeTime Deals Feature

Multiple images with a single API call.

You can create multiple assets in a single API call by specifying dimensions in the sizes array. This allows you to generate all the images you need for responsive templates in one go, or integrate with automation services more easily.

Individual Size Overwrites.
For fine-tuned control when creating assets, overwrite template values on a size-by-size basis.

Translate text on the fly.
Translate any of your text elements into over 70 languages.

With Switchboard Canvas you’re able to create, resize and translate in a single API call.

Switchboard Canvas Lifetime deal Conclusion

Overall, the level of quality and efficiency Switchboard Canvas delivers makes it a no-brainer for anyone who regularly creates content. And yes, this includes any business owner or marketer who runs their own social media on a regular basis. If you can’t go without Instagram stories—and you want to do more than clip photos from your iPhone or take selfies with a laptop camera—Switchboard Canvas is the tool for you.

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