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With WordPress Audio Podcast plugin, you have the opportunity to reach your audience through sound! You can create beautiful and easy to listen podcast audio files only by one click. It’s easy to manage and use.

WP Audio Podcast Plugin is a seamless solution to instantly Convert your Blogs into Audio Podcast using advanced Microsoft Azure Speech API integration with WordPress. The plugin converts blog posts into real human-like voices in English language for now. The plugin is tightly integrated with WordPress and can convert unlimited characters in the blog post into an audio file.

Now, met WP Audio Podcast

What is WP Audio Podcast?

WP Audio Podcast plugin helps you convert your WordPress blog post into an audio podcast with a single click. Get the benefits of text to speech software and audio books with this plugin. While most people prefer to read your blog posts, many people would like to listen to them instead. Perhaps they are driving in their car or working out at the gym – it is hard for them to read at those times, but easier for them to listen. This tool is an extremely simple way for people to convert their words into an audio podcast file with a single click.

WP Audio Podcast Features

Microsoft Azure Long Audio API

The Long Audio API provides you with the ability to create long-form audio. For example, audiobooks, news articles and documents that are longer than 10 minutes. Unlike the Text-to-speech API used by the Speech SDK, the Long Audio API can create synthesized audio longer than 10 minutes. This makes it ideal for publishers and content platforms to create long audio content like audiobooks in a batch.

Blog-to-podcast benefits

You can breathe new life into your blog by converting it into a podcast. Thousands of people listen to podcasts every day, and they’re constantly looking for fresh voices and perspectives. And you don’t need to add any extra work to this process, since listeners already consume podcasts at or above the speed of voice.

  • It amplifies your brand’s unique voice.
  • Podcasts are perfect for long-form content.
  • It helps build your network.
  • Audio blogging increases engagement
  • 30% of your visitors prefer audio, take action.
  • Audio = better user experience = good for SEO.


 convert blog posts up to 10,000 paragraphs long into realistic audio with a few easy steps.


You can convert your blogs into human-like voice overs using AI SPeech synthesis API’s.

WP Audio Podcast Appsumo  lifetime deal 

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as checkTightly integrated with WordPress

as checkTurn your WordPress Blog into an Audio Blog without any coding

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WP Audio Podcast lifetime deal and Review conclusion

This plugin will makes your readers enjoy reading articles in your WordPress Blog by listening to text-to-speech audio podcast with human sounding voices. It can help your audience retain the information they’ve learned while you continue building a strong relationship with them.

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