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Splitmat Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Splitmat Lifetime Deal is a link shortener and traffic splitter that allows you to create and optimize links that send visitors to different landing pages based on the integrations you’re using.

Splitmat Lifetime Deal works with Zapier, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and other integrations, so it’s easy to create split tests for any purpose.

What is Splitmat?

Splitmat is a URL shortener that does one thing really, really well. split traffic between landing pages. Splitmat lets you easily create and manage A/B tests for any website. Whether you use WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace or have a custom coded website, Splitmat works with all of them out-of-the-box without any code changes required.

Splitmat is currently in beta and offers unlimited access to its platform for life for a one-time fee of $19

Splitmat Lifetime Deal Features

Appends an exact UTM_ID parameter

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Splitmat works by appending a specific UTM_ID parameter to your URL. We then redirect users to one of your landing pages depending on the UTM_ID value. then send a duplicate request to our server, which syncs with Google Analytics and generates a report.

Easy to use, requires no code change

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Another huge advantage of Splitmat is that you can use it even if you have no technical skills.

You don’t need any coding, programming, software development, software engineering, web development, web design, graphic design or web mastering skills to use it. This makes it a perfect choice for complete newbies who want to implement A/B testing without having to learn any coding.

Works with any existing website builder

Splitmat is also compatible with any website builder. If you already have a site, you won’t need to pay someone to design you a new one. Splitmat will automatically detect the page and offer its services there. You can even use certain parameters in the URL to customize UTM tags so that they’re easy to install on your site.

For example, if you add &utm_id=A at the end of your URL, Splitmat will know that it should split test those links for Group A. You can then add “&utm_id=B” to another URL if that link needs to be split tested for Group B.

How Does Splitmat Lifetime Deal Work

Step 1: Create a couple of landing pages

  • Create a couple of landing pages with your favourite landing page builder. You can use Unbounce, Instapage, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Elementor, Divi or a WordPress site with a landing page plugin. It doesn’t matter as long as you have two different versions of your landing page created.

Step 2: Splitmat will generate a short link 

Once you’ve entered the details of your link, it’s time to generate a short URL. The process is simple: just click on the Create Link button.

A pop-up will appear where you can create your Splitmat link.

In the Link Name field, enter a name for your Splitmat link and then copy and paste it into Google Sheets or other spreadsheet software that you use for tracking your links. In the future, this will help you keep all of your links organized and make sure that there are no duplicates in case someone asks you for a second link.

Next, in the Link URL field copy and paste the URL of your landing page that you want to send traffic to, which is where prospects will land after they click on their referral link.

Step 3: Whenever someone clicks on this link

You can find your unique link on the Splitmat dashboard. It will be of the form splitmat.io/yourid

Whenever someone clicks on this link, they will land on a landing page for Splitmat. If they sign up for the service, you’ll get a commission

Step 4: We then sync with Google Analytics

Once you have created your test, Splitmat shows you an easy-to-read report. You can see the number of visitors to each page as well as the conversion rate for each page.

For Example, we are testing a high converting landing page against a new one that has less text and more images. After running the test we found out that the new landing page converted slightly better than the previous high converting one. This could be due to the fact that it is easier to read or just because it’s not overloading people with too much information. This is something we would need to do further split testing on in order to know for sure.

When running tests like this on your website, you should always make sure that there are enough visitors per day before making any decisions about which version of your site performs best. It’s not good practice to make changes based on only 50 visits per day when your site receives 500 visits per day normally

Splitmat Appsumo lifetime deal 

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Splitmat Lifetime Deal Summary

Splitmat is a URL shortener which can split your traffic between multiple pages. Whether you are testing content, running an A/B test or just wanting to share a number of links in one go, Splitmat is the perfect tool for getting the job done without having to pay for every link individually.

Splitmat is easy to use and works with any existing website builder. It creates a short link which can be shared anywhere. To set up your split links you simply sign up for an account and then create the links you wish to split from the dashboard. There’s no need to install any code on your site as Splitmat uses Googles Firebase service for hosting your front end web pages and redirects.

Splitmat Lifetime Deal FAQ

Q: What is Splitmat?

A: Splitmat is a URL shortener which can split your traffic between multiple pages.

Q: What are the benefits of using Splitmat?

A: Splitmat is great for A/B tests, and can also be used effectively to track emails & track clicks.

Q: How does Splitmat work?

A: Splitmat appends a specific UTM_ID parameter to your URL & then syncs with Google Analytics to compare conversions, page load time, etc.

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