Sturppy Lifetime deal – Alternative to Pry Financials and LivePlan

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Creating a financial model and showing investors your business plans is a gruelling task.

You often have to spend large amounts of your time manually inputting data, creating statements and formatting your report. This drags out the process and makes it harder for you to show investors how the business is doing.

Sturppy makes it easy for you to use the data in your financial model to automatically create fully formatted financial statements – saving you hours of work and giving you more time to work on other aspects of your business or to simply relax. 

What is Sturppy Lifetime deal?

Sturppy is a program that helps you make financial models for your business. This can help you show investors how your business is doing and what it plans to do in the future. Build your model once and it updates itself automatically when anything in your data changes, allowing you to forecast the future with confidence and ease. Sturppy is perfect for early stage startup founders who need to create a financial model for their business and share business forecasts with investors, as well as people looking for an easy and intuitive platform to build financial models or plans in the cloud.

Pricing Plans of Sturppy Lifetime deal


  • as checkFinancial model builder
  • as checkPreview link for investors
  • as checkExport to Excel
  • as checkCap table management
  • as checkCustom branding

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Sturppy Lifetime deal Features

  1. 20-minute financial models: You can build your financial model and plan within 20 minutes, which is much faster than other similar platforms.
  2. Hiring plans and equity cap tables: With this tool, you can create hiring plans and equity cap tables, which are essential for startups and small businesses.
  3. Tweak models: You can tweak your models based on new growth ideas and investor questions, which is very helpful.
  4. Startups and small businesses: This platform is best for startups and small businesses, as it is designed specifically for them.
  5. Funding and expansion: This tool can help you with fundraising and expansion planning, two critical aspects of running a business.

#Sturppy Lifetime deal Conclusion

Overall, Switchboard Canvas is a viable alternative to Bannerbear and other landing page building tools. It allows you to create multiple images and videos from one responsive template, and it provides a robust set of features for creating high-quality assets.

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