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As a website owner, you want to keep your site revamped with the latest legal needs and manage policies and consent records.

But as a busy enterprise owner, you need something that can assist you with this so that you can spend your valuable time focusing on more important things

Truendo is the all-in-one solution that combats these problems so that your website is always up-to-date with industry standards and easy to manage on your own or in conjunction with your web developer.


What is TRUENDO?

TRUENDO is a website privacy solution that covers all your website’s GDPR and CCPA compliance needs while collecting data from your visitors.

It allows you to get consent from your visitors and manage their precedences.

You can also collect information about their email addresses, first name, last names, company names and phone numbers in order to send them personalized announcements.

TRUENDO Features

Keep your website’s latest GDPR requirements.

If you run a website, it’s necessary that it stays in line with the latest GDPR requirements. TRUENDO can be used with any site, no matter what tech stack you use.

It’s compatible with most stylish browsers and is fully GDPR compliant.

Save time with the built-in policies

The preferable thing you will witness with TRUENDO is that it automatically generates policies for your website.

These are GDPR and CCPA policies, which are two of the most essential legal documents required for compliance.

If you haven’t already done so, you will want to make and maintain these policies on your own website as soon as possible.

TRUENDO makes this process a lot easier by providing them for free in their system.

It recommends that you review those policies, edit them if necessary, and then use the auto-generated versions from TRUENDO until yours are ready for use.

31 languages

TRUENDO offers a multilingual banner out of the box that can be translated into 31 languages.

The banner automatically adapts itself to the user’s browser language and visitors can toggle through all available languages by clicking the globe icon in the top right corner of their screen.

You can choose which languages are available on your site by going into your settings and checking or unchecking them there.

Automated privacy and cookie policies

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You can access all your automated privacy and cookie policies from the privacy widget. It will automatically update, so you don’t have to worry about checking it every time you visit a site or app.

You can always preview the widget in the Truendo dashboard.

Count unique visitors

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It’s significant to know how many unique visitors you have because it gives you a general idea of how well your content is performing.

Unique visitors are more valuable than returners because they’re more likely to buy something, read your content and click on one of your ads.

Manage multiple apps and websites

Truendo makes it easy to handle multiple sites and apps. You can use the same privacy settings for all your sites, or use different ones depending on how you want to protect your information.

You can switch between websites in the dashboard by clicking on a new site and selecting Switch. A new window will open with full control over your privacy settings.

This is not an exaggeration. When you log into Truendo and view the report, it will show you exactly how many times a person visited your site in real time.

This is great for tracking conversions and improving user experience.

Keep your website compliant

Truendo is a cloud-based service that helps you keep your website compliant and updated.

If you work in the digital world, it’s likely that you’re already familiar with the importance of keeping websites up to date.

Keeping a site compliant can require a lot of work—especially when there are frequent updates to be made or changes to policies and regulations.

Stop all third party cookies

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The GDPR demands that all data collection on a website be opt-in. Truendo can block all third-party cookies, scripts, pixels and services from executing on your site.

For example: if you use Google Analytics as a visitor tracking tool and have it enabled in your site’s code, the Google Analytics service will send requests to track visitors across the web with cookies.

Those cookies will appear on all websites where GA has been installed because they are not managed by those websites themselves, they’re managed by GA itself. Under the GDPR regulations.

However, the only thing that can manage these cookies is you, the owner of your website. By using TRUENDO’s GDPR compliant server-to-server integration with GA.

It will replace those third party request cookies with our own so that information about visitors who visit both sites isn’t tracked under one account unless they opt into tracking at both sites first

With Truendo, you can block cookies, scripts, and pixels from third parties. This is great for protecting against things like cross-site scripting attacks.

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Final Thoughts on TRUENDO

TRUENDO is a great solution for freelancers, digital agencies, and SMBs that want to keep their websites GDPR and CCPA compliant.

It shows unlimited page views and sessions for your domains, and it provides useful insights on your unique visitors.

The TRUENDO Lifetime deal is a great buy. You can use it to protect your website from the GDPR fines and prevent anyone from accessing your data. The features are unique, the price is reasonable, and everyone should have this tool on their site.

1. What is TRUENDO?

TRUENDO is a website privacy solution that covers all your website’s GDPR and CCPA compliance needs while collecting data from your visitors.

2. How does TRUENDO work?

TRUENDO works by collecting data from your website’s visitors and then using that data to help you keep your website GDPR and CCPA compliant.

What are the benefits of using TRUENDO?

TRUENDO offers a number of benefits, including the ability to keep your website GDPR and CCPA compliant, unlimited page views and sessions for your domains, and useful insights into your unique visitors.

TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Manage website privacy
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Truendo Appsumo Lifetime Deal is the all-in-one solution that combats these problems so that your website is always up-to-date

Price: 79

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Cloud

Application Category: Appsumo

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