UChat Appsumo Lifetime Deal & Review – Best Visual chatbot builder

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UChat Appsumo Lifetime Deal: You are looking for a quicker, more efficient way to take care of your customers.

You want a tool that can help you avoid having to hire an army of customer service agents.

UChat delivers smarter ways to make sure you never lose a lead or a sale again. With the UChat AI chatbot builder and the ready-made UChat app integrations you can save time, grow sales and make happy customers every time.

Meet UChat

What is UChat Lifetime deal?

UChat is a powerful program that offers a no-code chatbot builder that automates your business with Google AI ecommerce functionality and app integrations. Use UChat to create unique chatbots for customer support, sales, lead generation, phone answering, and more. UChat can even take payments over the phone with an Interactive Voice Response system. It’s the world’s first visual builder for creating conversational AI.

What UChat Lifetime Deal do for you?

Here is things you can do with Uchat:
  1. Automate your sales process with a visual chatbot builder

With a visual chatbot builder, you can easily automate your sales process by creating a chatbot that can interact with your customers and prospects. This way, you can focus on your core sales activities and leave the repetitive tasks to the chatbot.

  1. Get more leads with a chatbot

A chatbot can help you generate more leads by engaging with your customers and prospects on your behalf. With a chatbot, you can collect contact information, qualify leads, and even close deals.

  1. Increase your close rate with a chatbot

A chatbot can help you increase your close rate by automating your sales process and following up with your prospects. With a chatbot, you can nurture your leads and keep them engaged until they’re ready to buy.

  1. Save time with a chatbot

A chatbot can help you save time by automating your sales process. With a chatbot, you can automate repetitive tasks, such as qualifying leads and sending follow-up emails. This way, you can focus on your core sales activities and close more deals.

  1. Get more out of your sales team with a chatbot

A chatbot can help you get more out of your sales team by freeing them up from repetitive tasks. With a chatbot, your sales team can focus on their core sales activities and close more deals. In addition, a chatbot can help you train your sales team and keep them up-to-date on your latest products and services.

6. Reach your customers on their preferred messaging platform, whether that’s Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, Voice, or Google Business Messenger. you can create complex conversation flows quickly and easily, without any coding. Supercharge your chatbot with artificial intelligence, and get help engaging visitors and answering FAQs around the clock, 24/7.

UChat Lifetime Deals Features

You can design and embed a chatbot in your website that engages your visitors by responding to queries, collecting information or even helping them through the checkout process. It’s not always possible for you to answer all user queries on your website within seconds but a chatbot is always at the ready to handle FAQs and make customers feel like they’re interacting with a real person.

A chatbot can also be used to collect information from visitors so that when they call or meet with someone in person, they’re ready with all the information. Customers will be more likely to maintain their loyalty as well when they have access to a bot that helps them navigate your services.

Features of Uchat include:

  • Easy drag-and-drop chatbot building interface. Building a chatbot is as easy as dragging and dropping blocks, no coding required.
  • Customize with CSS or HTML to match your brand. Use CSS or HTML to make your chatbots look the way you want them to look.
  • Integrate third-party apps for workflows & tasks. Chatbots can send data and information from bots in real time to any app you use, such as Zapier, Airtable, MailChimp and more.
  • Run A/B testing on bots to optimize results. Run tests on different groups of people with the same bot so you can see what works best and create a successful bot every time!

Easy Drag-and-drop chatbot building interface

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The interface is simple and easy to use. Drag-and-drop options allow you to piece together the flow of your chatbot. You don’t need any technical skills, so anyone can get started right away! While there are many different features available, it’s quick and easy to build a bot with the basics. The interface feels very modern and intuitive as well, which definitely adds value to this deal.

Customize with CSS or HTML to match your brand

You can go above and beyond basic color schemes by using CSS to match your site’s colors and fonts. You can also embed HTML in your chatbot to add links, images, and more!

If you’re feeling adventurous, Uchat lets you build a chatbot from scratch using their drag-and-drop editor.

Integrate third-party apps for workflows & tasks

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By default, Uchat integrates with popular apps like Salesforce and Hubspot. But if you need a more customized integration, Zapier is there to help.

Zapier lets you connect Uchat to over 500 other web apps, so that your business can be more productive. Work more efficiently by integrating with apps like Google Sheets, MailChimp, Trello, Evernote and many more.

When people start a chat on your website or Facebook page with the Uchat app, you can use Zapier to integrate their details into thousands of other applications for email marketing, accounting or project management.

Run A/B testing on bots to optimize results

You might have the best bot in the world, but you won’t know unless you run A/B testing.

This is critical for optimizing your results.

Testing will reveal what works and what doesn’t.

It’s the only way to be sure that you are getting the best results possible.

Testing will help you make improvements so that your bots can perform better than ever before.

Build a Customizable Chatbot that Automates your Sales.

With Uchat Appsumo Lifetime Deal, you can build an AI-powered chatbot that engages your website visitors, provides personalized and accurate answers to their questions, and even helps them place orders.

Uchat’s AI-powered bots are capable of understanding what a person wants, regardless of the words they use. This means that you won’t have to spend hours building out a long list of keywords for your bot. Instead, Uchat will understand what visitors mean when they ask about something and provide them with the most accurate answer possible.

Automate workflows and tasks using Zapier.

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You can integrate Uchat with third-party apps to automate workflows and tasks. Uchat is compatible with the popular workflow automation platform Zapier.

With Zapier, you can connect Uchat to more than 1,000 other web services. This allows you to create automated workflows between these apps and then sit back and watch as the magic happens! For example, you can use Zapier to create tickets in your favorite ticketing app whenever a visitor initiates a chat with your business on Uchat. You can also set it up so that Zapier will send an automated email notification or calendar reminder whenever a new ticket is created or closed in your ticketing system.

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UChat Review Pricing plan

UChat comes with 3 pricing plans.

FREE: UChat offers a free plan that gives you access to basic features and up to 200 contacts. There is also a 14 day free trial for all PRO features.

BUSINESS: Access to all pro features for $10 per month. This includes one bot, 1,000 bot users, and five members.

PARTNER: If you are a large business looking for full white label support and customisation, we have a package for you. Our full white label package includes custom billing and pricing plans, priority support, team training and a dedicated success manager. We also prioritise feature requests from our large business customers.

UChat Appsumo lifetime Deal 

UChat is a cloud-based scalable conversational AI platform that helps you automate your digital sales. It allows you to prototype & deploy chatbots on top of existing Google and Facebook apps, in a matter of minutes, without any coding. UChat also offers a custom-built Interactive Voice Response system which can transfer calls, leave messages, and even take payments for your business.

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Connect your chatbot to with Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Slack, WeChat, or voice. Other connection options include Google Business Messenger, Line, or Viber.

  • Build AI-powered chatbot with no-code drag-and-drop flow builder.
  • Build IVRs with voice flow.
  • Live chat and inbox.
  • All integrations.
  • Build your own integration with “mini-apps”.
  • 1 Facebook and 1 Google account connection per workspace.
  • All channels.
  • 1 workspace.
  • Access to omnichannel.
  • Engage with unlimited users.

UChat lifetime deal and Review conclusion

At UChat, we know how hard it can be to build a digital strategy for your business. That’s why we built our own in-house software that lets us customize any chatbot to run your business more effectively. From creating new sales opportunities by contacting customers on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, to connecting with a large number of customers over the phone with an automated IVR system; UChat is the missing digital tool in your business’s arsenal. We make talking to customers simple, effective, and easy no matter if you are a small startup or an established company with multiple offices across the globe.

UChat lifetime deal and Review FAQ

What is UChat?

UChat is a no-code chatbot builder that automates your business with Google AI, ecommerce functionality, and app integrations.

What are the features of UChat?

UChat offers 11 channels for customer communication, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Business Messenger, voice, and SMS. With a drag-and-drop flow builder, you can create any chatbot you need.

Who is UChat best for?

UChat is best for customer service teams, digital marketers, and agencies looking to enhance their customer care with conversational AI.

How does UChat compare to other chatbot platforms?

UChat is an alternative to ManyChat, Chatfuel, and Chatrace.

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