Waalaxy Lifetime Deal – Automate Lead Generation using LinkedIn and Email

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal

Waalaxy is the best lead generation software that automates everything so you can focus on closing deals. If you’re looking to grow your business, you have to check this out!

It’s simple: With Waalaxy, you can automatically find, engage, and close leads using LinkedIn and email. It works like this: You use a single click to connect with your prospects on LinkedIn, and then send up to 100 emails per day (per account) with carefully crafted templates that have a proven track record of high response rates. Your prospect receives an email that looks exactly like a personal message from you, and they don’t even need to be connected to you on LinkedIn in order for it to work

What is Waalaxy Lifetime Deal?

Waalaxy is a tool that lets you use LinkedIn and email to automate lead generation and messaging, plus monitor your team’s performance.

What does it mean to automate my email outreach?

This is similar to automating your LinkedIn lead generation. Are there leads that have connected with you through email but never got back in touch? Has someone emailed you but not responded? We help make sure that doesn’t happen anymore by keeping track of who should be contacted

  1. With this tool, you can contact up to 700 prospects per week on LinkedIn, which is a great alternative to Lemlist.
  2. You can retrieve the professional email addresses of prospects and send them automated outreach sequences.
  3. This tool is best for freelancers, small businesses, and lead gen agencies that want to save time while scaling their customer acquisition.
  4. With this tool, you can easily scale your customer acquisition efforts and save time by automating your outreach sequences.

How does it work?

It has created a tool that leverages LinkedIn to help you grow your business. It’s pretty simple:

Find your prospects ❤️

Find leads with LinkedIn and enrich them automatically! Optimize the prospecting process by integrating Waalaxy on LinkedIn and get direct access to your prospects’ information that are relevant to you. You can connect with your prospects to find new opportunities!

Automate your LinkedIn prospecting 🚀

Send automated invitations and messages on LinkedIn by creating automated sequences directly from a list of contacts on LinkedIn. You can then send your contacts to your CRM or email marketing tool.

Automate your emails ✅

You will be able to enrich your contacts’ data from LinkedIn with their emails and thus extend your contact points. Your invitations, messages and emails will automatically follow each other. Until your prospect responds.

Combine both 🦄Combine LinkedIn and Email automation to maximize your conversion rate.

Waalaxy Features

Waalaxy is an all-in-one sales tool that allows you to:

1. Automatically find leads on LinkedIn based on your criteria

2. Get email addresses for those leads in real time

3. Send emails to your leads immediately

4. Create and manage sequences so you can send targeted emails at the right time to the right people

5. View all of your leads, their information, and their engagement with your email campaigns in one place

6. Segment your leads so you can send them the most relevant messaging

7. See which emails are performing well, so you can optimize your campaigns to get more conversions

8. Set up follow-up tasks for yourself or for your team members when a lead takes a particular action in a campaign

9. Track how many conversions you’re earning from each campaign

10. Track which links are getting clicked in your campaigns, so you can see what messaging is resonating

Waalaxy Lifetime deal Pros:

  • -Get in touch with up to 700 prospects per week on LinkedIn
  • -Retrieve the professional email addresses of prospects and send them automated outreach sequences
  • -Monitor your team’s performance and track conversation status with the dashboard

Waalaxy lifetime Deal Cons:

  • -Some users report that the tool does not work for all types of businesses, e.g. for freelancers, small businesses, and lead gen agencies.

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal Pricing

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License Tier 1 (3 seats):

One Time Purchase of $59.00

With this license, your company will be able to use our product at full capacity, with all features included. You’ll have access to 3 seats, which means that up to 3 people in your organization can use our product at any given time. If you want more seats for more people in your business to be able to use our product, you can upgrade anytime.

License Tier 2 (6 seats):

One Time Purchase of $119.00

This license gives you access to everything offered at the previous tier, but with 6 seats instead of 3. This means that up to 6 people in your company can use the product at once.

License Tier 3 (15 seats):

One Time Purchase of $179.00

This is our most robust license offering, and gives you a full 15 seats for members of your business to use the product at once. You’ll also get all features included in the previous licenses!

Waalaxy Lifetime deal Conclusion

We hope you’re as excited about this tool as we are. We know you’ve got a lot of options for lead generation and email automation, but we think that Waalaxy is special.

It offers all of the functionality you’d expect from a lead generation tool—great for getting the word out about your business—plus a messaging feature that lets you engage with your clients and potential customers in a more personal way, which we think is going to be really valuable to your business.

As a bonus, Waalaxy also allows you to monitor your team’s performance so that you can ensure they’re all on the same page when it comes to messaging and outreach.

Waalaxy Lifetime Deal FAQ

Here at Waalaxy, we’re all about helping you find new customers and keep the ones you have. We do this by integrating your LinkedIn and email inboxes, so you can get all your lead generation and messaging tasks into one place. Now, when you need things done, you know exactly where to go to get them done—and who’s doing what!

What does it mean to automate my LinkedIn lead generation?

In a nutshell: making sure that none of your leads slip through the cracks. You may know that LinkedIn is a great place to connect with potential customers. But how many times have you gotten a connection request from someone and then not followed up because something else came up? We help make sure that doesn’t happen anymore by keeping track of who should be contacted when, and making sure they are. And when it’s time for a human touch, we’ll make sure that happens too!

Can I use Waalaxy on other platforms besides LinkedIn?

You sure can! You’ll be able to set up workflows for any site with a contact form or where you can send emails from directly, such as Upwork, Indeed, or even Facebook itself!

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