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WpDataTables Lifetime Deals: Do you have data that you’d like to analyze? Want to make it easy for visitors to see the patterns in your numbers? You can create tables, charts, and graphs from Excel or Google Sheets with just a few clicks. With WpDataTables you can easily create a table for each row of data and customize your table with conditional formatting. When building the site, no coding is necessary. Every change you make is instantly reflected in your live application. The sky’s the limit!

WpDataTables is a WordPress plugin for creating responsive tables, graphs, charts and more. Quickly create responsive tables with ease in WordPress. WpDataTables comes with a flexible layout manager that allows you to do things you would normally have to do with code like; resize columns and rows, move columns and rows around, arrange them in any order and count cells by row or by column.

With WpDataTables Lifetime Deals you can create interesting dashboards like the one below quickly and easily. Create fully customizable charts using any data source including JSON, XML, Sql queries or Elastic Search queries. With features like conditional formatting, drill through support for tables, printable reports generation, pagination and export capabilities you have at your disposal everything you need to make an attractive responsive dashboard in WordPress.

WpDataTables also lets you edit data on the frontend in real-time; thus no wait times for users. You can either allow users to edit data directly or give them permission to view only or edit only certain cells in your tables.

Meet WpDataTables

Hey, Mahmudul Rubel here, In this WpData Tables review, I am going to talk with you all the things you need to know about WpData Table and Is WpData Tables appSumo deals worth the hype?

Let’s dig in

What is WpDataTables Lifetime deal?

First of all, we are going to talk about basics – what is WpData Table?

WpDataTables is a plugin for the WordPress platform that provides a solution for developers, designers and users who want to easily and intelligently display rows of data on their sites. Built over 18 months by a dedicated team to address the specific limitations of previous methods, DataTables will make your next project that much easier.

Create responsive, fully customizable tables, charts, and graphs for your WordPress posts or pages.

  1. Customize your table with premium features like responsiveness, conditional formatting, multi-criteria filtering, and more.
  2. Edit tables on the frontend and backend, plus give users permission to view or edit table data.
  3. Best for: Businesses and freelancers that want an easy way to showcase data on their WordPress site.

WpDataTables Lifetime Deals Features

So, You now know what is the WpData Tables. Now explore some of their main feature.


You can edit your graph or chart’s design to create an appealing and intuitive data visualization.

Changing colors, fonts, and other design elements is quick and simple. And the results are beautiful. You’ll see immediate results as you customize your design in real time (and no coding skills required!)

Import Data

The plugin can import data from different sources. You can easily import data from Excel, CSV, XML and JSON. The plugin also supports importing data from Google Spreadsheets. This feature is particularly useful for people who want to share live charts and tables with their clients or colleagues.

You can also import data from MySQL, MS SQL and MariaDB databases in addition to PostgreSQL and Google Spreadsheets using this plugin. If you want to get external URL as a source for your spreadsheets or tables then simply enable it by checking the “Allow CURL” option under table settings > Advanced> Other Settings

Create Tables From WordPress Products

  • Go to “My products” and click on “Create a new table” button
  • Choose the data source from the list of available options, and click “Next”
  • Select the post type
  • Select your custom taxonomies (if any)

Create Tables in Front-End

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To create tables from the front-end, use shortcode [wpdatatable id=id].

By default, this shortcode will display the table. If you need to edit it, add “edit_only=true” option.

Data Connector for MySQL, MS SQL & MariaDB

With this tool, you can easily import data from MySQL, MS SQL & MariaDB databases. You can also import data from PostgreSQL databases.

The Data Connector comes with a number of options and controls to let you configure the plugin exactly to your needs. For example, you might want to limit the number of rows returned in your chart or table. Or you may need to sort your data into a custom order.

You could even export your entire query as CSV or JSON if required and analyze it in a different system.

Data Connector for Postgres

When you are using WordPress, it is a given that you need to be connected to your database. The database stores the information about your website (posts, pages, categories, etc.) and keeps track of all the posts that have been written. Knowing how to connect to postgres means knowing how to provide content and features that your readers expect from an online community.

By default, WordPress comes with a data connector for mysql database. This enables you to insert new content into WordPress database easily—you just need to create new table in the database and insert or update existing data. For example, if you want to insert new category page for “Best Kindle Books” into your site, then you need only create a new category page with this code:

INSERT INTO wp_categories ( term_id , cat_parent ) VALUES (‘best-kindle-books’, ‘books’);

That’s all! You will see the result on next time when people visit your blog.

Merge Tables Into One Table in Front-End

Merge Tables Into One Table in Front-End

If you have more than one table on a single page, you can merge them into one table. This is useful for presenting data from multiple sources. It’s super simple to do and easy to understand. Here’s an example of how we would merge two tables into one:

First, create a new table and select “Merge tables” from the available options.

Then, select your desired columns from the dropdown menu and click on “Add”:

Advanced Search for MySQL, MS SQL & MariaDB Tables

Searches can be performed using the Search field available on the top-right of your table.

You can also search for a specific value in a specific column by enabling the Advanced Search option which is available within the Settings tab itself. The following screenshot shows how you can enable Advance Search.

Advanced search enables an additional option on your tables where you can specify criteria for searching results based on different fields available in the database table itself.

The following screenshot shows an example search query which searches for all records whose age is greater than 40 and belongs to either Male or Female category, but not Unknown (NULL). Once you have entered the criteria, click on Advance Search button to perform that search operation against your database table and populate it as a new table with relevant results only.

Advanced Search for Postgres Tables

Searching for your data has been made easier with our Search feature. Now, you can search for specific data in your database. We have also added options to allow you to narrow down your search using filters. The Advanced Search feature allows you to filter your search by column name, table name, value, and/or value range.

Advanced Filter for Postgres Tables

WpData Tables allows you to apply complex filters to tables, even if they contain hundreds of thousands of rows.

You can create and save different filters, so your users can easily create and save different filters.

It also works with the Datatables JS plugin.

WpDataTables Review Pricing plan

The WP DataTable plugin is a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that allows you to create, manage, and publish responsive tables and charts. With the WP DataTable plugin, you can create unlimited tables and charts, customize tables, merge cells, and integrate with Elementor and other plugins. The WP DataTable plugin is responsive and offers conditional formatting, sorting, and multi-criteria filtering. With the WP DataTable plugin, you can connect to multiple separate databases.

WpData Table single plan cost you 59 dollars with 5 domains

Douple plan price is 118 dollars with 10 domains

And multiple plan cost you 177 dollars with 25 dollars

WpDataTables lifetime deal and Review conclusion

Do you want to make it easier for your customers to view and edit data online? WpDataTables is a WordPress plugin that lets you build responsive tables, graphs and charts quickly. You can customize your tables with unique features like conditional formatting, multi-criteria filtering and more. And if that’s not enough, the plugin also grants flexibility by giving you control over the look and feel of your tables on the frontend, as well as on the backend. Check out WpDataTables today

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